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The Starling Tribune: An Unofficial Arrow TV Show Fan Podcast

The Starling Tribune is a podcast dedicated to the CW's Arrow TV Show and the other DC Comics TV Shows on the CW channel as well as the DC Universe in general. Each week the reporters and their chief editor will get together to discuss the latest episode of the hit CW show Arrow. The Starling Tribune is a proud member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network found at

Nov 14, 2016

Starling Tribune - Season 5 Edition – So It Begins (A CW Network Arrow Television Show Fan Podcast)


The Official Arrow Podcast of the Gonna Geek Network


Episode:            “So It Begins” [Season 5 Episode 6]

Air Date:           Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Director:      John Behring


                   13x Arrow | 5x Grimm | 2x Gotham | 1 The Flash | 1x The 100 | 8x The Vampire Diaries


Writers:       Wendy Mericle


19x Arrow | 1x Star Wars: The Clone Wars | 4x Eli Stone | 1x Smallville


Brian Ford Sullivan


10x Arrow | 7x Vixen





Weekly Ratings


Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 Legacy 5-Oct-16 1.89

02 The Recruits 12-Oct-16 1.94

03 A Matter Of Trust 19-Oct-16 1.79

04 Penance 26-Oct-16 1.87

05 Human Target 2-Nov-16 1.61

06 So It Begins 9-Nov-16 1.95

07 Vigilante 16-Nov-16

08 Invasion 30-Nov-16

09 What We Leave Behind 7-Dec-16

10 Who Are You TBD

11 Second Chances TBD


Part 1: The Plot, Themes and Characters

  • What was the overall theme for this episode / What was the link to the ep. name
    • Prometheus
      • “So it begins” in fire message
      • Start of Green Arrow versus Prometheus
  • Fight scenes & Stunts: Share your thoughts
    • Artemis and Prometheus fight
      • She does well; cuts him
      • Arrows bounce off of Prometheus’s outfit
      • Bomb on subway - Parachute arrow! So no one else was on the train?!?
  • Flashbacks: Share your thoughts
    • Kovar - such a smooth way to intro a villain
      • Wants to expand territory
      • Eager to meet Oliver
      • Kills Anatoly’s man
  • Ollie:  
    • Susan Williams is not his GF
    • Reluctant to share info with new recruits
    • Talk with Diggle about moving forward - am I changing? Am I evolving?
    • The list returns after a 4 year absence
  • Diggle
    • Puts recruits in line - he has a point about them not needing to know right away
    • Tells Ollie that there is a difference between a good kill and a kill done in rage; Darhk was a good kill
  • Thea
    • Organizes concert
    • Tells Lance she won’t give up on him
  • Felicity
    • Develops algorithm to connect victims
    • Tells Billy about working with Green Arrow; he takes it well
    • Steals evidence from Billy to test weapon
  • Quentin Lance
    • Drunks know how to lie
    • Lied about being sober
    • Blacking out
    • Had cut on arm and weapon in hand - Prometheus or being set up?
  • Curtis
    • Poorly timed jokes
    • Helps Felicity with tech stuff
  • Wild Dog
    • Gets shot down by Thea
    • Not surprised Ollie kept something from team
  • Artemis
    • Finally gets some character development
    • Angry at Ollie for the kill list
    • Ollie told her to not get revenge about parent’s name because tarnish Canary legacy
    • Turns off comms
    • Because of attitude, saw the whole Prometheus thing coming
    • Agrees to give Ollie chance to change
  • Ragman
    • Been drinking since age 11
    • Whole team trying to deal with Oliver keeping secrets and them being the last to know stuff
  • Prometheus
    • Likes to kill using a shuriken
    • Has time to make anagrams from names off of Ollie’s kill book
    • Had access to book
    • Has access to Ollie’s arrows / evidence room (cop? DA? Paid someone to take arrows from evidence locker? Stalker who picked up arrows?)
    • Surprised to see Green Arrow
    • Quentin Lance??? Possible red herring???
    • Michelle’s List O’Suspects: (Being bold by eliminating some this week because of access to The List)
      • Tommy Merlyn
      • Robert Queen
      • Adrian Chase (but more likely to become Vigilante)
      • Billy Malone (he “heard on the street” that Prometheus was a threat to the Arrow; very eager to learn where Green Arrow lives)
      • Helena Bertinelli (but I would rather see her as either Huntress or head of the Bertinelli family)
      • Isabel Rochev
      • Mckenna Hall
      • Shado
      • Slade Wilson (being Deathstroke right away could give his plan away)
      • Talia al Ghul (see this week’s news)
      • New: Quentin Lance (likely a red herring)
      • New: Roy (he’s been mentioned, he’s had access to arrows, and he might have seen The List)
      • Viktor (SP’s add; he did see the list - shown in the season premiere)
  • Bratva
    • Anatoly has a boss
    • Anatoly in war with Kovar
    • Anatoly - vocational teacher; Bratva learn many trades
  • D.A. Adrian Chase
    • Doesn’t mind a vigilante investigating a crime scene, possibly contaminating evidence



Season 5 Episode 6  “So It Begins” (Date: 10 Nov 2016)

  1. So It Begins: As Felicity notes in the episode, the title (and also that little message in fire left for Oliver a la the Daredevil movie) is a line from Babylon 5. Specifically, it was spoken by Kosh in the episode "Chrysalis," and became an oft-repeated/referenced quote from the series. Michelle’s addition: Kosh is the Vorlon Empire’s Ambassador to Babylon 5. The line is said to Sinclair and refers to Delenn starting her transformation.  
  2. Aparo & Puckett: Tobias Church's stolen cell phone turned up in a warehouse on Aparo and Puckett -- two streets named after veteran DC Comics creators Jim Aparo and Kelley Puckett. Puckett is a writer best known for his work on the Batman family of titles; Among his most notable works are the co-creations of the Cassandra Cain Batgirl and Connor Hawke, the son of Oliver Queen. Aparo is one of the most recognizable Batman artists of his era; his last ongoing series assignment before he passed away was Green Arrow #81-100 in the '90s, during which time he and Puckett introduced Connor Hawke.
  3. Ishmael Gregor - David Meunier, known to TV fans for his role on FX's Justified, joined the cast of Arrow tonight as Ishmael Gregor. Gregor in the comics is a character who's been known to make a physical transformation into a demon, complete with magical powers, but considering remarks by the showrunners about a more grounded Season Five, it seems likely that his primary role will be as a human running the Russian mob.
  4. Worth mentioning - Konstantin Kovar appeared onscreen for the first time in this week's episode, played by Hollywood action legend Dolph Lundgren. Channel 52 makes yet another appearance. Callbacks to early seasons include Oliver's tennis ball-training session, the appearance of The List, and all those names on it.



  1. Arrow Ratings’ (Date: 10 Nov 2016)
    05 Oct 16 Legacy 1.87  --- 12 Oct 2016 The Recruits 1.94 --- 19 Oct 16 A Matter Of Trust 1.79 --- 26 Oct 16 Penance 1.87 --- 02 Nov 16 Human Target 1.61 --- 09 Nov 16 So It Begins 1.95
  2. Arrow’s Stephen Amell: ‘It’s time for Oliver to have another relationship’ (Date: 03 Nov 2016)
    In an interview with TVLine, he said,“I don’t know if he’s ready to move on, but it’s time for Oliver to have another relationship. Earlier this year I was speaking with [showrunner] Wendy Mericle, and I was like, ‘Look, there’s two things that we’re no longer allowed to write about Oliver: We’re no longer allowed to call him a billionaire, because … he lost his family fortune. And we’re currently not allowed to say ‘playboy’ — he’s dated one woman since Season 2, and he had a fling with Isabel Rochev. That’s it.’ If you’d like him to be a playboy, then by all means, start writing him like one”
  3. 15 things you need to know about “Arrow’s” Talia al Ghul (Date: 08 Nov 2016)
    The article is a primer about Talia al Ghul. Includes a lot of spoilers because we don’t know what direction the show is taking her.
  4. Arrow: there’s more to Anatoly Knyazev than meets the eye, says Nykl (Date: 09 Nov 2016)
    At the celebration for “Arrow’s” 100th episode, David Nykl — who plays Knyazev — spoke to CBR about his character’s evolution, whether or not Anatoly has ulterior motives and more. “Calling someone a bad character is always a misnomer, because no one’s really bad; they’re either misunderstood or they’re just trying to do something and they’re not going about it the right way. I really think he’s just a simple sort of guy that has got caught up in deeper situations. There’s more to him than meets the eye.”
  5. Arrow: Amell calls Dolph Lundgren’s character a ‘worthy adversary’ (Date: 09 Nov 2016)
    On the way Dolph works on set, Stephen Amell said, “He’s very thoughtful and contemplates his lines and he has been great so far, but it’s a real change of pace. I do think it would have been a missed opportunity in the last year of these flashbacks to not have a really worthy adversary. We found that in Dolph, which is why he’ll be around for a while. It’s been a blast to work with him. It’s been awesome.”
  6. Arrow’s Josh Segarra reveals what excites him about playing Vigilante (Date: 09 Nov 2016)
    Next week's episode of Arrow, titled "Vigilante," will center on the character of Star City District Attorney Adrian Chase (played by actor Josh Segarra), and introduce his costumed alter ego, Vigilante. He told during the Arrow 100th episode party that they were working hard not to disappoint anybody who read the comics and had expectations for the character. "The biggest question that I have for myself as an actor is 'why does this person become the person that they are?'" Segarra said. "So what's going to be hard is that in the middle of the season I get to introduce Vigilante. So now I'm getting to tell that backstory and we get to tell the biggest pieces and get to show him becoming who he is before episode 7."
  7. Should Arrow end after season 5? Stephen Amell, EP Marc Guggenheim discuss (Date: 10 Nov 2016)
    The article examines why season 5 could be a natural ending, but Marc Guggenheim says, “No, I think we tend to look at season 5 as the end of a particular chapter.” Arrow doesn’t seem to be in any danger of cancellation at present; while ratings are down from last season, it remains one of The CW’s four most-watched programs. The show’s longevity seems to surprise even the producers. The flashback storyline was always “a five-year deal,” says Guggenheim, and they intend to stick with that plan. “The show just turned out to be more successful than we anticipated.”  Also Stephen Amell discusses why season 4 disappointed him at times and how he likes the renewed focus of season 5.


  1. Legends of Tomorrow’s Caity Lotz: Even if she wants to, Sara can’t bring back Laurel (Date: 03 Nov 2016)
    Sara Lance can’t kill Damien Darhk because of the consequences. In an interview with she said, “The thing is, I can’t kill him. If I kill him in 1942 or 1952, all of those years that he was supposed to do everything would be messed up; it’s a big change to history. So I wouldn’t be able to even kill him. I think she’s struggling, now that she’s captain, with this higher sense of purpose. It’s not just all about her; she has to consider other people. You see what happens with Barry Allen when he changed the timeline. She’s coming around and being like ‘I have to accept this,’ but I still think there’s something in her that is always going to want to change it and I don’t know, if she had the opportunity, if she would pass it up. I think it’s still a big area of conflict for her. And of course she misses her sister.”
  2. The responsibilities of time travelers when it comes to slavery (Date: 06 Nov 2016)
    The episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow entitled Abominations had two things in mind when picking the title. Confederate zombies and slavery. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim talks about the responsibility of time travelers when it comes to the question of slavery and how the CW’s time-traveling show differs from others on the air.
  3. Spoiler Room: scoop on Quantico, The Flash, Elementary, and more (Date: 04 Nov 2016)
    The Flash - “The biggest fear for Caitlin and for Team Flash is how powerful they are and how much of an unknown they are,” Danielle Panabaker says of the Dominators. Legends - Snart will be back in the midseason finale, eventually aligning with Reverse-Flash, Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn to form the Legion of Doom.
  4. Cyborg Superman coming to CW’s Supergirl (Date: 07 Nov 2016)
    Cyborg Superman is coming to CW's Supergirl. The character is named in the official description to November 21's episode, "The Darkest Place." "IT’S SUPERGIRL VS. CYBORG SUPERMAN — While Guardian (Mehcad Brooks) tries to clear his name after being accused of a murder committed by another vigilante, Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) heads out on a solo mission to rescue Mon-El (Chris Wood) who has been captured by CADMUS," reads the description. "While fighting to free Mon-El, Supergirl comes face to face with Cyborg Superman.
  5. Kevin Smith reveals the secrets of Supergirl’s flight scenes  (Date: 08 Nov 2016)
    Up, up and away! In his latest Facebook video, director Kevin Smith took his fans behind the scenes of “Supergirl’s” latest episode. Smith — who will direct the season’s eleventh episode, “Supergirl Lives” — stands back and lets the production crew work their magic in the brief scene, which finds Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl taking flight.
  6. ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ gets order for 4 more episodes from the CW (Date: 09 Nov 2016)
    The CW has picked up four additional episodes of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, bringing the series’ second season to 17 episodes.The time-travel series has been one of the stronger ratings performers for the CW with steady deliveries and strong time-shifted viewing, averaging 2.3 million viewers and a 0.9 Adults 18-49 rating (most current). It has improved the Thursday 8 PM time period by +35% in viewers and +13% in 18-49  vs. last fall when The Vampire Diaries aired there.  
  7. This week’s cover: CW superheroes crossover revealed (Date: xx month year)
    The article is about Entertainment Weekly’s issue about the upcoming DC crossover. With the article is a short video. The occasion of this massive team-up: filming a four-show crossover event, which begins in the final scene of the Nov. 28 episode of Supergirl and unfolds over the next three nights in episodes of The Flash, Arrow and Legends. Entertainment Weekly visited the set of the massive undertaking and brings you a report in our new issue, on sale this week.



Promo for Next Week: Episode - “Vigilante” (Date: 09 Nov 2016)

Episode:   “Vigilante” [Season 5 Episode 7]

Air Date:        Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Summary:      When the bodies of two criminals are dropped at SCPD, Oliver (Stephen Amell) realizes there is a new Vigilante in Star City. The team is split about whether they should stop someone who is helping keep the city safe. Diggle (David Ramsey) is frustrated with his new situation and Thea (Willa Holland) fights for Lance (Paul Blackthorne) who confesses a shocking secret. Meanwhile, in the flashbacks, Oliver finally sits down with Konstantin Kovar (guest star Dolph Lundgren).

Director:         Gordon Verheul

Writers:          Ben Sokolowski and Emilio Ortega Aldrich



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