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The Starling Tribune is a podcast dedicated to the CW's Arrow TV Show and the other DC Comics TV Shows on the CW channel as well as the DC Universe in general. Each week the reporters and their chief editor will get together to discuss the latest episode of the hit CW show Arrow. The Starling Tribune is a proud member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network found at

May 1, 2017

Starling Tribune - Season 5 Edition – Dangerous Liaisons (A CW Network Arrow Television Show Fan Podcast) #150


The Official Arrow and Green Arrow Podcast of the Gonna Geek Network Covering DC Comics and CW Based DC Comic TV Shows


Episode:            “Dangerous Liaisons” [Season 5 Episode 19]

Air Date:           Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Director:           Joel Novoa


            1x Arrow | God’s Slave (2013 film) | Machsom (2013 short film)


Writers: Speed Weed


8x Arrow | 7x Haven | 3x Law & Order: SVU


Elizabeth Kim


1x Arrow | Has been the assistant to Marc Guggenheim



Weekly Ratings



Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 Legacy 5-Oct-16 1.89

02 The Recruits 12-Oct-16 1.94

03 A Matter Of Trust 19-Oct-16 1.79

04 Penance 26-Oct-16 1.87

05 Human Target 2-Nov-16 1.61

06 So It Begins 9-Nov-16 1.95

07 Vigilante 16-Nov-16 1.86

08 Invasion 30-Nov-16 3.55

09 What We Leave Behind 7-Dec-16 1.94

10 Who Are You 25-Jan-17 1.68

11 Second Chances 1-Feb-17 1.91

12 Bratva 8-Feb-17 1.61

13 Spectre Of The Gun 15-Feb-17 1.66

14 The Sin-Eater 22-Feb-17 1.54

15 Fighting Fire with Fire 1-Mar-17 1.60

16 Checkmate 15-Mar-17 1.53

17 Kapiushon 22-Mar-17 1.38

18 Disbanded 29-Mar-17 1.55

19 Dangerous Liaisons 26-Apr-17 1.36

20 Underneath 3-May-17

21 Honor Thy Fathers 10-May-17

22 Missing 17-May-17

23 Lian Yu 24-May-17


Legends Of Tomorrow

Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 Out Of Time 13-Oct-2016 3.01

02 Justice Society of America 20-Oct-2016 2.83

03 Shogun 27-Oct-2016 2.71

04 Abominations 3-Nov-2016 1.75

05 Compromised 10-Nov-2016 1.77

06 Outlaw Country 17-Nov-2016 1.85

07 Invasion 1-Dec-2016 3.39

08 The Chicago Way 8-Dec-2016 2.00

09 Raiders Of The Lost Art 24-Jan-2016 1.74

10 The Legion Of Doom 31-Jan-2017 1.78

11 Turncoat 7-Feb-17 1.89

12 Camelot/3000 21-Feb-17 1.64

13 Land Of The Lost 7-Mar-17 1.54

14 Moonshoot 14-Mar-17 1.34

15 Fellowship of the Spear 21-Mar-17 1.72

16 Doomworld 28-Mar-17 1.59

17 Aruba 4-Apr-17 1.52



Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 The Adventures of Supergirl 10-Oct-16 3.06

02 The Last Children of Krypton 17-Oct-16 2.66

03 Welcome to Earth 24-Oct-16 2.65

04 Survivors 31-Oct-16 2.22

05 Crossfire 7-Nov-16 2.47

06 Changing 14-Nov-16 2.35

07 The Darkest Place 21-Nov-16 2.61

08 Medusa 28-Nov-16 3.53

09 Supergirl Lives 23-Jan-17 2.65

10 We Can Be Heroes 30-Jan-17 2.35

11 The Martian Chronicles 6-Feb-17 2.4

12 Luthors 13-Feb-17 2.52

13 Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk 20-Feb-17 2.24

14 Homecoming 27-Feb-17 2.17

15 Exodus 6-Mar-17 2.16

16 Star-Crossed 20-Mar-17 2.07

17 Distant Sun 27-Mar-17 2.21

18 Ace Reporter 24-Apr-17



Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 Flashpoint 4-Oct-16 3.17

02 Paradox 11-Oct-16 2.80

03 Magenta 18-Oct-16 2.67

04 The New Rogues 25-Oct-16 2.80

05 Monster 1-Nov-16 2.77

06 Shade 15-Nov-16 3.01

07 Killer Frost 22-Nov-16 2.95

08 Invasion! 29-Nov-16 4.15

09 The Present 6-Dec-16 3.14

10 Borrowing Problems From The Future 24-Jan-17 2.68

11 Dead Or Alive 31-Jan-17 3.06

12 Untouchable 7-Feb-17 2.94

13 Attack on Gorilla City 21-Feb-17 2.78

14 Attack On Central City 28-Feb-17 2.87

15 The Wrath of Savitar 7-Mar-17 2.52

16 Into The Speed Force 14-Mar-17 2.39

17 Duet 21-Mar-17 2.71

18 Abra Kadabra 28-Mar-17 2.39

19 The Once And Future Flash 25-Apr-17

20 I Know Who You Are 2-May-17


Part 1: The Plot, Themes and Characters

  • What was the overall theme for this episode / What was the link to the ep. name
    • Felicity’s risky alliance with Helix
      • Felicity’s demanding Helix’s help finding Chase
      • Helix has someone who can help, but is held by Argus
      • Felicity helps Helix steal two keys to free hacker, Cayden James
      • Helix burns Felicity; trick her into triggering an EMP in Arrowcave
    • Lyla’s willingness to act like Waller; things are different on this side of the desk
      • Holding James without a trial or charges because he’s allegedly dangerous
      • Her behavior risking marriage
  • Fight scenes & Stunts: Share your thoughts
    • Chase spotted going into an arcade
      • Rigs games to shoot real bullets
      • Changes Outzoned game to show him as Prometheus and “Game Over”
      • Escapes by tunnels (duh)
    • Team decides to help Argus
      • Argus agent attacked by hired goons
      • Car cornered, explosions
      • Canary cry
      • Gun fight
      • Team lets person go because Felicity asked
    • Felicity vs. Team
      • Gunfire
      • Hack turrets; hack laser fence
      • Canary cry
      • Dinah uses bo staff; Curtis uses T-spheres; Ollie hand-to-hand
      • Felicity steps in front of Ollie’s gun and traps him behind laser fence
      • Helix gets James, but don’t take off hood in front of Felicity
  • Flashbacks: Share your thoughts
    • None!
  • Ollie:  
    • Gives platitudes as mayor
    • Tries to talk Felicity from the edge and fails
    • Still wearing silly black mask and using guns
  • Diggle
    • Can’t believe that one of the best people he knows, Felicity, is willing to cross the line
    • Upset at Lyla because she’s acting like Amanda Waller; the job is changing her; she approves of using an off-book black site on US soil and holding a person of interest without a trial
  • Thea
    • Vacay
  • Felicity
    • Determined to find Chase; fueled by grief
    • Upset Ollie won’t back her play
    • Willing to take the burden from Ollie of doing anything it takes to do the right thing, even if it means selling her soul
    • Doesn’t see that Helix is playing her
    • Crosses line by helping Helix free a dangerous hacker
  • Quentin Lance
    • Bonds with Rene father to father
    • Helps Rene because he would do anything to see daughters again
    • Arranges visit between Rene and daughter
  • Curtis / Mr. Terrific
    • Acts as Overwatch during a mission
    • Awkward McAwardity
    • Uses T-spheres
  • Rene / Wild Dog
    • Bromance with Lance
    • Confesses hurt daughter - passed out drunk, she burnt hand with soup
    • After visit with daughter, calls lawyer
  • Dinah Drake / Black Canary
    • Canary cry - twice!
    • Kicks butt with bo staff
  • Artemis
    • Traitor
  • Rory / Ragman
    • Walkabout
  • D.A. Adrian Chase / Prometheus
    • Out in the wind; gone a week
    • What we know:
      • Claybourne’s son; knows about The List; has moves Ollie learned from Talia; learned about Flash & co and multiple universes




  1. May Sweeps/Finale Preview: Get 130+ Spoilers, Plus Exclusive Photos! (Date: 24 April 2017)
    PRE-FINALE: While Team Arrow, A.R.G.U.S. and the SCPD launch a manhunt for Adrian Chase, Helix offers Felicity a solution to that problem — in trade for something big and illegal. On the heels of that, things get intense when Oliver and Felicity are trapped in the bunker together, while Lyla and Diggle deal with marital issues. Oliver also will deal with the forced release of violent criminals prosecuted by Chase as well as the delivery of a mysterious corpse encased in concrete.
    SEASON FINALE (MAY 24): Chase keeps 10 steps ahead of Team Arrow, forcing Oliver to face his violent past and answer the question once and for all: Is he a killer, or a hero? To answer that, Oliver will be forced to let go of the fate his father burdened him with and aim for a new legacy. And as Oliver’s five years’ worth of flashbacks come to an end,  you will see how he planned his escape from Lian Yu — while in the present, Oliver bids said island a final farewell.
  2. 9 Spoilers From Your Favorite Shows' Season Finales (Date: 24 April 2017)
    The ultimate showdown between the Emerald Archer and Prometheus will speak to Oliver's legacy in the Arrow finale, welcoming back a number of familiar faces, including Black Siren (Katie Cassidy), Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) and Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett), while taking viewers back to where it all started on the island both in flashback and present day. "Chase has been trying to prove to the world and to Oliver that he's not a hero, he's a killer, and he's going to pull out one final, big whamo at the end that's going to leave Oliver reeling," EP Wendy Mericle says of the action-packed hour, which she promises will be very explosive. "We might lose some people."
  3. Spoiler Room: Scoop on Scandal, Arrow, S.H.I.E.L.D., and more (Date: xx month year)
    Anything Arrow? — The finale is going to bring the show full circle to what we saw in the pilot — and more! Here’s what EP Wendy Mericle tells me: “We’ve managed to hopefully stick the landing on it in a cool way that allows us to see both some of the moments right before we first met Oliver in the pilot, where he launched that flaming arrow and it lit up that signal fire, and also maybe a little bit after as well, some of the more emotional moments that we never got to see in the pilot.”
  4. Is Arrow Planning A The Walking Dead-Style Season Finale Cliffhanger? It Sounds Like It (Date: 24 April 2017)
    During an interview with earlier today, Arrow executive producer Wendy Mericle referred to the upcoming season finale as a cliffhanger, and indicated that fans might not know who lives and who dies until season six. "We're going to have a big bang of an ending, and we're not going to know really the outcome until the end of season 6," Mericle told "We don't often do cliffhangers in the way that we're doing this season, and we're excited about this ending." Mericle said of the flashbacks that have served as a kind of backup story in the show's first five seasons, “Moving forward into season 6, we're not calling it a reboot, because really the show is called Arrow and it's still about Oliver and his team, and that's not changing, but we don't have the flashbacks. What that's going to allow us to do is keep that device when we want it, but we don't have to keep pushing the five year storyline down the road. It gives us a lot more real estate to play around with, a lot more space to hopefully bring in some cool villains and to tell new character stories, and we have a lot of new characters on the show whose backstories we haven't really had the chance to experience."


  1. May Sweeps Preview and Finale Spoilers (Date: 24 April 2017)
    THE FLASH - PRE-FINALE:- Barry travels to 2024 to find out Savitar’s identity, where he encounters future versions of himself as well as his Team Flash friends. Upon returning to the present, Barry & Co. meet a scientist (House‘s Anne Dudek) who may be the key to stopping Savitar, but they must — literally, and with great difficulty — fight to keep Killer Frost from getting to her first. Afterward, Caitlin’s icy alter ego makes an interesting proposal.
    SEASON FINALE (MAY 23): After discovering Savitar’s true identity, Team Flash prepares for a final, epic battle with the God of Speed… while struggling with a major setback. Expect a season-ending cliffhanger that will leave viewers — and the heroes — questioning how they will move forward in Season 4.
  2. May Sweeps Preview and Finale Spoilers (Date: 24 April 2017)
    PRE-FINALE: The final episodes of Season 2 will test Kara’s friendship with Lena, first by introducing Ms. Luthor’s ex-beau — the dangerous and shady Jack Spheer (iZombie‘s Rahul Kohli) — and then by setting up a potential alliance between Lena and Queen Rhea, whose mysterious plan quickly escalates. Meanwhile, Kara and Maggie will grow closer as they team up to rescue Alex from a life-threatening situation, and James will find a new purpose as Guardian becomes National City’s only hope against a string of deadly attacks.
    SEASON FINALE (MAY 22): In addition to meeting the infamous General Zod, viewers should keep an eye out for some returning favorites as the season comes to a climax. “With the return of Superman and Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart first resurfaces on May 15), we are poised for our biggest most exciting episode of the season,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says. “Big fights, big guest stars, big emotion — it’s going to be amazing.”
  3. Supergirl Casts Man of Steel and Smallville Alum Mark Gibbon as General Zod (Date: 21 April 2017)
    Mark Gibbon, a Canadian character actor who played one of the oil rig workers rescued by Superman in Man of Steel, will next take on the role of General Zod in Supergirl. Gibbon will be a recognizable face to fans of geek entertainment, with roles on TV and in film including Smallville, Arrow, and The X-Files. He also has a voice-acting resume that includes playing the Incredible Hulk, The Thing, and Nick Fury in various Marvel animated projects.
  4. The Flash's Future Shock: 'Barry Is in Shambles' After Losing Iris (Date: 20 April 2017)
    The Barry of the future “is a guy who has lost everything,” Grant Gustin told TVLine while standing adjacent to the Flash’s time tunnel set, which for this episode was made to look dusty, desolate and in disrepair. With a nod to that mess, “Barry looks pretty similar — he is in shambles,” Gustin said. “He does not look good.” Devastated by losing the love of his life, this Barry is “totally alone” until his past self arrives, setting the stage for double the Gustin. “It’s a lot of scenes with Barry and Barry, and they’re pretty emotional scenes from both sides,” says the actor. All told, “They were some of the more challenging scenes I’ve done — if not just this year, in the whole series, because I’m my own scene partner.”
  5. The Flash's Danielle Panabaker Breaks Down Killer Frost's Chilling New Look (Date: 26 April 2017)
    In her previous, Earth-Two incarnation, Killer Frost was clad in leather pants and a jacket, “so this is pretty different with the skirts and stuff,” Danielle Panabaker shared during our visit to the CW hit’s set, where the warm actress was almost (almost) jarring to lay eyes on, wearing her full costume (including a tiny extra flourish not spied in either of these exclusive photos).
  6. Our First Look at a Major Superman Villain's Arrival on Supergirl (Date: 27 April 2017)
    Mark Gibbon has been spotted on set in action as General Zod. Behold, even set video of him being a jerk and heat visioning some people! Also spotted on set was Tyler Hoechlin, returning to action as the Man of Steel.


  1. Arrow boss teases trials ahead before ultimate Prometheus showdown (Date: 25 April 2017)
    When Arrow returns after its long hiatus, Felicity will find herself going up against Team Arrow.
    With Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) still on the loose, mysterious hacker organization Helix offers Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) a way to track him down in exchange for her services involving something illegal. Needless to say, Oliver (Stephen Amell) & Co. won’t be happy.
    But Ollie and Felicity will be forced to face their divide head on next week when the duo gets trapped in the bunker together. Will this actually bring them closer together? EW turned to executive producer Wendy Mericle to get the scoop.
    As “Arrow” hurtles towards its Season 5 finale, Oliver Queen and his team are in more trouble than ever. They may have dealt Prometheus a major blow, but he’s still at large. Meanwhile, Felicity is knee-deep with the mysterious hacker group Helix, which has some dubious intentions. Even as Team Arrow deals with these threats on two fronts, the return of Katie Cassidy’s Black Siren looms in the distance, threatening to kick off with an emotional gut punch. Nevertheless, executive producer Wendy Mericle is looking forward to “Arrow’s” future with a lot of hope. Speaking with CBR, Mericle addressed all of the threats facing Team Arrow. She also explained how Season 1 characters like Deathstroke and Yao Fei will return, delved into Felicity’s relationship with Oliver, teased Malcolm Merlyn and Artemis’ important roles in the Season 5 finale, discussed how the show will fill the gap left by the flashbacks in Season 6 and more.




Replies to post about Black Siren

Chris Campbell I like her as black siren a lot more than I ever did as laurel or canary lol
Adam Nelson Chris is going to love it. :p
Haley Malle #NoLaurelNoArrow




Promo for Next Week’s: Episode - “Underneath” (Date: 27 April 2017)

Episode:   “Underneath” [Season 5 Episode 20]

Air Date:           Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Summary:         Oliver and Felicity get trapped in the bunker together, while Diggle and Lyla deal with marital issues.

Director:           Wendey Stanzler

Writer:  Wendy Mericle and Beth Schwartz


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