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Jul 28, 2016

Starling Tribune - Special Edition – DC Comics REBIRTH Review (A CW Network Arrow Television Show Fan Podcast)



Writer: Geoff Johns (DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer)

Art:                  Gary Frank,  Phil Jimenez,  Ethan Van Sciver

Cover:              Gary Frank


  • Takes place after Justice League #50 (End of Darkseid War), and Superman #52 (Death of Superman)
  • Focuses on Wally West, who had been absent from the New 52
  • Broken into Chapters
    • Batman - hints of what’s to come
    • Thunderbolt - JSA
    • Legion of Superheroes - hinted at with the Legion Flight Ring
    • Ray Palmer as the classic Atom
    • Blue Beetles - Both Ted Kord and Classic PLUS new Classic Dr. Fate
    • New Green Lantern (“Who is Sinestro??”)
    • Aqualad - mainstream gay character hinted at - Young justice character
    • Damian Wayne
    • Hints at the Ollie & Dinah relationship
    • Mysterious Mr. Oz (Ozymandias??)
    • Aquaman and Mera
    • Swamp Thing and Constantine
    • NEW Wally West
    • Finally Barry Allen -- Holy smokes was that emotional
  • Ends back at Batman with the big spoiler - Watchmen… being brought into the main DC universe


SP Notes:
DC Rebirth doesn't really touch on The Green Arrow

  • Mostly because Wally West And Oliver Queen do not interact that much?
  • The Green Arrow was in the two page Rebirth spread dealing with someone's (Superman's?) death and the following page detailing that Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen do not know each other any more


Green Arrow



Written:           Benjamin Percy

Pencils:            Otto Schmidt

Cover:              Juan Ferreyra

Letters:            Nate Piekos

  • Dinah and Oliver "Met" … Again
  • Seattle
  • People disappearing off the streets
  • “I’m a Social Justice Warrior” we get it Ollie
  • Costume is very Arrow
  • Starts with a full beard, then trims it down to the classic van dyke goatee
  • Red pointy mask villain abducting and selling people
  • People turning into some weird zombie like creatures?
  • “Rebirth” of the relationship at the end

GREEN ARROW #1 (“The End”)
Arc: “The Life and Death of Oliver Queen - Chapter 1”

Same creative crew as Rebirth

Variant Cover was awesome - Neal Adams with Kevin Nowlan & Dave McCaig

  • Still investigating the human trafficers
  • Ollie and Dinah hook up
  • Shado introduction - takes down Oliver Queen
  • Who is Emi? Shado's daughter? -- Yup, and Olie’s half Sister
    • In New 52, Shado hooked up with Ollie’s dad who wasn’t really dead
  • Oliver starts investigating his own company
  • Cyrus Broderick. CFO of Queen Consolidated and point red jacked dude

GREEN ARROW #2 (“Erasure”)
Arc: “The Life and Death of Oliver Queen - Chapter 2”

Same creative crew as Rebirth

Variant Cover was awesome - Neal Adams with Kevin Nowlan & Dave McCaig

  • Faking Oliver’s death
  • Oliver's assistant  Wendy Poole died…did I miss that in Issue 1?
  • The Inferno. Looks massive. How did anyone keep constructing that a secret?
  • Introduce John Diggle trying to protect a client - He was in New 52, but kinda dropped off suddenly in the last New 52 Arc. See the Zero-year issue
  • 9th Circle
  • Emilio Queen - Oliver's half-sister
    • Emi’s transponder - still on his side?
  • Oliver's home is demolished. In two weeks? Really? No.  
  • The Green Arrow goes solo

GREEN ARROW #3 (“The Ninth Circle”)

Arc: “The Life and Death of Oliver Queen - Chapter 3”

Creative team shifted - Juan Ferreya took over art & colors from Otto Schmidt

Variant Cover - Neal Adams with Kevin Nowlan & Dave McCaig

  • Art is more watercolor-y
    • Broderick is drawn a bit more angular
    • Feels more dynamic, not as cell shaded if that makes sense
    • Did you guys notice? care? Thumbs up/down?
  • Oliver breaks into his own company as Green Arrow at night, meets up with zombie horde
  • John Diggle also is investigating the 9th Circle
  • Oliver, chased by Shado jump out of the window
  • Evil is expensive
  • Oliver has Cyrus' laptop
  • Emilio hatches a plan to capture Dinah Lance who is on her way out to The Inferno


Intro to What we’ve been reading - go over high level, then pick one title to focus on

SP - Green Lanters & Lantern

Michelle - Wonder Woman

Neil - Detective Comics





By Geoff Johns  & Sam Humphries

  • Introduce Simon Baz, Criminal, Green Lantern
    • Falsely convicted and sent to Gitmo
  • Introduce Jessica Cruz, Recluse, Green Lantern - trouble using her powers; cannot make a construct  
    • Prime-Earth of the Crime Syndicate. Used the power of the the Green Lantern Ring of Volthoom which was more linked to the earth
  • Battle the Manhunter --- simulation
  • Hal Jordan
  • Power Batteries (Green Lanterns). Hal fuses them together
    • This must happen after Green Lantern 1, which was released weeks after this came out
  • Hal goes off to find what happens with the Green Lantern Corps


Written By Sam Humphries

  • Jessica and Simon are summoned to stop a serial killer
  • The Rage starts
  • ARGUS tells them to stand down
  • Simon Baz has Emerald Sight!
  • The Rage takes over the Mall that Jessica is in
  • Red Dawn continues their dominance


Written By Sam Humphries

  • Atrocitus = RED DAWN
  • Hell Tower is active and growing deeper into the planet
  • Jessica's sister Sara is overtaken by The Rage
  • Simon tries to get Jessica for a team-up
  • The issue is bigger than just the local town Rage
  • More of Jessica's back story


  • Simon tries to cure Bleez, formerly a princess but Jessica inadvertently makers Bleez relapse
  • Simon almost succumbs to The Rage himself
  • At the end Jessica is succumbing to the Rage as Simon and Jessica go to destroy Hell Tower


Written By: Robert Venditti

  • Hal makes a new ring from The Gauntlet
  • The ring's creation is heard throughout the Green Lantern Universe
  • Parallax is powering WarWorld's corse
  • Hal says the oath when he puts the ring on




Detective Comics #934

Writer:              James Tynion IV

Art:                   Eddy Barrows

Inks:                 Eber Ferreira



  • Azrael Taken Out
  • Bruce Wayne admits who he is to Kate Kane - she already new
  • Recruiting a team
  • Red Robin - Timothy Drake
  • Spoiler - Stephanie Brown, Daughter of the villain cluemaster, trained by catwoman
  • Cassandra Cain - Orphan
  • Clayface?
  • Recruiting and Training


Detective Comics #935

  • Starts with a fight against an army of Jokers
  • The “Mud-room” danger-room - Batwoman is pushing them really hard, but identifies each person’s weaknesses
  • Interpersonal tones
    • Robin and Spoiler are a couple
    • Kate talks to her dad the General - Differences between the Kanes and the Waynes
  • Batman gets taken out by an army of Bat-suited characters - look a hell of a lot like Gotham Knights


Detective Comics #936

  • Detective Renee Montoya re-introduced into Rebirth
  • Batwoman returned to the Batcave to find Batman taken out
  • Cassandra Cain knows something is up - gorgeous art
  • Orphan is a badass
  • The General is behind the army - lowers the defences
  • Tranq darts
  • Tim Drake, Spoiler, Clayface and Batwoman make an exit




General Thoughts on The Kevin Smith Run of Green Arrow

Tease Tease Tease

We talked about it briefly on the last cast

Return Ollie from the dead in 2001

Introduces Onomatapoeia



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This podcast was recorded Sunday July 24th, 2016.


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