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The Starling Tribune is a podcast dedicated to the CW's Arrow TV Show and the other DC Comics TV Shows on the CW channel as well as the DC Universe in general. Each week the reporters and their chief editor will get together to discuss the latest episode of the hit CW show Arrow. The Starling Tribune is a proud member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network found at

Feb 2, 2020

The Starling Tribune Reporters SP, Chris and Michelle review the finale Arrow episode “Fadeout.” In this episode the reporters discuss all the goodness of the Arrow finale episode that was 8 years in the making, the final spectacular 3 minute non-stop fight scene, the changes Oliver made for those he loved and the entirety of Star City, the conclusions of character stories as well as what’s next for several characters in the Arrowverse, and how Emily Bett Rickard’s return to the show turned out. The reporters also reflect on the series as a whole and it’s place in the Arrowverse and the history of comicbook TV. The reporters also give their favorite memories of the Starling Tribune podcast, hear some great feedback from GonnaGeek Network owner Stephen and give a nod to all of the former Starling Tribune hosts.

Episode: “Fadeout” [Season 8 Episode 10]
Air Date: Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Director: James Bamford
Arrow credits:
Uncredited stunt coordinator and fight coordinator for the pilot
Fight choreographer - 7x (started 2012)
Stunt coordinator - 23x
Fight coordinator - 38x
Supervising stunt coordinator - 21x
Directing - 17x (Brotherhood, 1st)

Writers: Beth Schwartz
Arrow credits:
Current showrunner
Written by: 32x - 1st: Vendetta (S1E8, 2012)
Executive story editor - 23x
Story by - 2x
Teleplay by - 1x
Co-producer - 23x (2015 - 2016)
Co-executive producer - 46x (2016- 2018)
Executive producer - 32x (2018 - 2020)

Marc Guggenheim
Arrow credits:
Developed by - 170 episodes
Written by - 21x
Teleplay - 19x
Story by - 7x
Executive producer - 126x (2012 - 2020)
Consulting producer - 30x (2018 - 2020)

Arrow premiered October 10, 2012 and ran for 170 episodes.



Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date / Rating
01 Starling City 15-Oct-19 0.84
02 Welcome To Hong Kong 22-Oct-19 0.77
03 Leap Of Faith 29-Oct-19 0.76
04 Present Tense 5-Nov-19 0.62
05 Prochnost 19-Nov-19 0.74
06 Reset 26-Nov-19 0.79
07 Purgatory 3-Dec-19 0.83
08 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four 14-Jan-20 1.41
09 Green Arrow And The Canaries 21-Jan-20 0.92
10 Fadeout 28-Jan-20 0.73
Arrow: Hitting The Bullseye Special 28-Jan-20 0.66

Legends Of Tomorrow

Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date / Rating
00 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five 14-Jan-20 1.35
01 Meet The Legeends 21-Jan-20 0.72


Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date / Rating
01 Event Horizon 6-Oct-19 1.26
02 Stranger Beside Me 13-Oct-19 0.97
03 Blurred Lines 20-Oct-19 0.92
04 In Plain Sight 27-Oct-19 0.95
05 Dangerous Liaisons 3-Nov-19 0.78
06 Confidence Women 10-Nov-19 0.8
07 Tremors 17-Nov-19 0.79
08 The Wrath Of Rama Khan 1-Dec-19 0.87
09 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One 8-Dec-19 1.67
10 The Bottle Episode 19-Jan-20 0.84
11 Back From The Future – Part One 0.81

The Flash

Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date / Rating
01 Into the Void 8-Oct-19 1.62
02 A Flash of the Lighting 16-Oct-19 1.27
03 Dead Man Running 22-Oct-19 1.38
04 There Will Be Blood 29-Oct-19 1.48
05 Kiss Kiss Breach Breach 5-Nov-19 1.19
06 License To Elongate 19-Nov-19 1.29
07 The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 1 26-Nov-19 1.17
08 The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 2 3-Dec-19 1.32
09 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three 10-Dec-19 1.71

Black Lightning

Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date / Rating
01 The Book Of Occupation: Chapter Two: Birth of the Blackbird 7-Oct-19 1.16
02 The Book Of Occupation: Chapter Two: Maryam’s Tasbih 14-Oct-19 0.63
03 The Book of Occupation: Chapter Three: Agent Odell's Pipe-Dream 21-Oct-19 0.61
04 The Book of Occupation: Chapter Four: Lynn's Ouroboros 28-Oct-19 0.52
05 The Book of Occupation: Chapter Five: Requiem for Tavon 11-Nov-19 0.71
06 The Book of Resistance: Chapter One: Knocking on Heaven's Doo 18-Nov-19 0.62
07 The Book of Resistance: Chapter Two: Henderson's Opus 25-Nov-19 0.65
08 The Book of Resistance: Chapter Three: The Battle of Franklin Terrace 2-Dec-19 0.60
09 The Book of Resistance: Chapter Four: Earth Crisis 9-Dec-19 0.90
10 The Book of Markovia: Chapter One: Blessings and Curses Reborn 20-Jan-20 0.54
11 The Book of Markovia: Chapter Two: Lynn's Addiction 27-Jan-20 0.66


Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date / Rating
01 Pilot 6-Oct-19 1.86
02 The Rabbit Hole 13-Oct-19 1.45
03 Down Down Down 20-Oct-19 1.22
04 Who Are You? 27-Oct-19 1.29
05 Mine Is A Long And A Sad Tale 3-Nov-19 1.16
06 I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury 10-Nov-19 1.09
07 Tell Me The Truth 17-Nov-19 1.01
08 A Mad Tea-Party 1-Dec-19 1.01
09 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two 9-Dec-19 1.71
10 How Queer Everything Is Today! 19-Jan-20 0.79
11 An Un-Birthday Present 26-Jan-2020 0.67

Part 1: The Plot, Themes and Characters
• What was the overall theme? What was the link to the episode’s name?
o The series finale
• Fight scenes and stunts
o Getting to Bryne - 2012
 This is the fight filmed for the finale
 Oliver doing all the things against a lot of bad dudes
 First room: 3 cuts - 1 (shot guy in stairwell), 2 (slide guy’s head in water), backward tracking (slams guy into pipe, dent), top of stairwell, pause, shoot guy anyway, cut to next room
 Second room: 4 cuts - 1 (shooting up to guy at top of stairs), 2 (guys shoots, pan over, guy into pipe, cut), 3 (flip guy over pipes, jump over pipes, cut), run out and cut to 3rd room
 Third room: 1(slam guy into wall, cut to guy on ground), 2 (flip guy over, cut to another angle), 3 (cut during climb up stairs), slo mo surround; overhead shot, angle up to see Oliver’s face, gas, arrow up; shoots guys on way up
 Zip to next roof; slo mo hero landing (nice butt shot); gets shot, knocks weapon out of Byrne’s hand
 Time of sequence: 3 minutes
• They’re alive!
o Moira Queen
o Tommy Merlyn
o Emiko Queen
o Quentin Lance
o Rory Regan - Ragman
• Where are they now?
o Malcolm Merlyn
o Artemis
o Huntress
o Walter
• Documentary
o Nice callback to S7 (Episode 150)
o Why is everyone talking about Crisis?????
• Flashbacks
o 2012
 Tarallo
 Diggle not in field yet
 John Bryne - Diggle talks him into sending him to jail; ends up kidnapping William b/c prison ruined him (guess Oliver forgot to include prison reform in the reboot)
 Diggle talks to Oliver about losing himself; if Oliver listened, then was he all grimdark and brooding over the next 7 seasons?

o Robert killing himself
• Oliver Queen / Green Arrow / Spectre
o V/O summarizing 8 seasons and Crisis
o All of 8 arrows
o I made an amazing Star City. The other cities? On your own, LOL
o Father’s death shaped him
o Power comes from the hips, Diggle
o Mom’s office; first saw her before he came back
• Felicity
o Doesn’t want to meet Mia at first
o Archer scanning protocol on computer
o Arrives after news of William’s kidnapping
o Hackity hackity hack!
o Scene w/Felicity and Monitor in the future
o Where they first met, his office, red pen
• John Diggle / Spartan
o One month since crisis; mission far from over
o Salmon ladder w/green shirt on
o Called team together to help get William
o “Suit up”
o Lyla - Oliver put our family back together
o Mission is over; cleaned out Bunker
o Moving to Metropolis
o Did they adopt Connor?
o Speech at funeral; inspired us to be heroes; I was his brother; life will go on; Oliver’s mission lives on; universe is bigger than we can imagine
o Meteor; box w/green glow; Lantern
• Thea Queen
o Oliver saves Moira, but her death inspired her to train with Malcolm. How/why did she become Speedy?
o Agrees to marry Roy; does Mia have any cousins?
• Roy Harper
o Arm!!!!
• Laurel / Black Siren
o The Mark of Four tattoo
o Oliver’s sacrifice didn’t bring back your Laurel, Quentin; Quentin - there was nothing about you that needed to be fixed
• Dinah Drake / Black Canary
o Plans to move to Metropolis - being police chief of a safe city is boring. Really?
o Why didn’t we see her disappear?
• Rene Ramirez / Wild Dog
o Running for mayor
• Quentin Lance
o Current mayor
o Speech at statue; blamed Oliver for a lot of things; hunted and persucted him; Oliver is a reminder that anyone can change
• Tommy
o We buried a bunch of mementos
o Why does he know about Crisis??????
• Curtis
• Rory / Ragman
o Clears room; “my way is scarier”
o Took time for rags to work again; been doing the hero thing; says Rene is most like Oliver
• Anatoly
• William
o Kidnapped
o Does he remember meeting the future version of his sister as he grows up?
• Mia Queen
o Episode takes place after GAatC; she goes out as Green Arrow to rescue William. Why isn’t she asked about mysterious person as Green Arrow 20 years ago and why haven’t seen them since?
o Lets Byrne live
o Shows young William parts of bow
o Introduces herself to Felicity
• Sara Lance
o Gets Mia to attend funeral
• Barry Allen
o At funeral
• Kara Danvers
o At funeral
• Talia and Nyssa al Ghul
o Kudos to SP for willing this into existence
o Marriage was father’s joke - Nyssa
o Nyssa calls Sara her beloved

Overall feelings about the finale
• Chris
• SP
o It was great closure to the series and great fan service
 Overlook the inadequacies / breaks in continuity
o Oliver Queen’s, Laurel and Sara Lantz’s 13 year journey complete
o Stephen’s finale on Arrow was really episode 7
o Too bad they couldn’t do a 5 year flashback for old time’s sake.
o Salmon ladder
o Mark of 4
• Michelle

Favorite Moments from the series / What the series meant to you

• Chris
• SP
o Allowed me to follow every moment, EVERY episode in the Arrowverse since 2012
o Crossovers were my favorite - I love world building
o It wasn’t perfect
o Outlasted Marvel TV, and grew
 Simpsons and Cosby Show
o Amazing villains and characters
 Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman)
 China White (Kelly Hu)
 Deadshot (Michael Rowe)
 Edward Fyers (Sebastian Dunn)
 The Huntress (Jessica De Gouw)
 Frank Bertinelli (Jeffrey Nordling)
 Theodore Graynor (Ben Browder)
 Billy Wintergreen (Jeffrey C. Robinson)
 The Dodger (James Callis)
 Mr. Blank (J. August Richards)
 Deathstroke (Manu Bennett)
 Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau)
 Shrapnel (Sean Maher)
 Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White)
 Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law)
 Cupid (Amy Gumenick)
 Ra's al Ghul (Matt Nable)
 Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough)
 Vandal Savage (Casper Crump)
 Prometheus (Josh Segarra)
 Tobias Church (Chad L. Coleman)
 Konstantin Kovar (Dolph Lundgren)
 Talia al Ghul (Lexa Doig)
 Kirk Acevedo (The Dragon akak Ricardo Diaz)
 Adrian Paul
 Emiko Queen (Sea Shimooka)
 Cayden James (Michael Emerson),
 Anatoly Knyazev (David Nykl)
 LaMonica Garrett- The Montor
o Building the Arrowverse
• Michelle

Favorite / memorable moments from the podcast

• Chris
• SP
o The podcast was always like a team. Like Team Arrow
 Chris was there from day one and helped with the video production side of things – like Diggle
 Michelle took on the shownotes. Sara
 Heather- our woman on the keyboard took care of the audio edit
 Wing – was like Oliver’s father who started us on the journey
 JS like Yoa Fei
 Jay like Tommy
 Neil like Anatoli
o All the voices from the intro
o Back channel comms
• Michelle


Link to Promo: (Date: 21 Jan 2020)

Episode: “Fadeout” [Season 8 Episode 10]
Air Date: Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Summary: The final events in the story of the Green Arrow.
Director: James Bamford
Writers: Beth Schwartz & Marc Guggenheim

IMDB link:

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