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The Starling Tribune is a podcast dedicated to the CW's Arrow TV Show and the other DC Comics TV Shows on the CW channel as well as the DC Universe in general. Each week the reporters and their chief editor will get together to discuss the latest episode of the hit CW show Arrow. The Starling Tribune is a proud member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network found at

Apr 15, 2019

Starling Tribune - Season 7.5 Edition – Tender Is The Nate (A CW Network Arrow Television Show Fan Podcast) ST236


Episode:            “Tender is the Nate” [Season 4 Episode 6]

Air Date:           Monday, November 26, 2018


Director:           Dean Choe


                        Stunt coordinator turned director / 2x Legends


Writers: Phil Klemmer


                        13x Legends / 3x Forever / 12x Chuck


Matthew Maala


                        11x Legends






Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 Inmate 4587 15-Oct-18 1.43

02 The Longbow Hunters 22-Oct-18 1.18

03 Crossing Lines 29-Oct-18 1.15

04 Level Two 5-Nov-18 1.08

05 The Demon 12-Nov-18 1.26

06 Due Process 19-Nov-18 1.03

07 The Slabside Redemption 26-Nov-18 1.31

08 Unmasked 3-Dec-18 1.35

09 Elseworlds Part 2 10-Dec-18 2.06

10 My Name Is Emiko Queen 21-Jan-19 1.22

11 Past Sins 28-Jan-19 1.18

12 Emerald Archer 4-Feb-19 1.07

13 Star City Slayer 11-Feb-19 1.09

14 Brothers & Sisters 4-Mar-19 0.89

15 Training Day 11-Mar-19 1.02

16 Star City 2040 18-Mar-19 1.00

17 Inheritance 25-Mar-19 1.01


Legends Of Tomorrow


Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 The Virgin Gary 22-Oct-18 1.00

02 Witch Hunt 29-Oct-18 0.94

03 Dancing Queen 5-Nov-18 0.86

04 Wet Hot American Bummer 12-Nov-18 0.90

05 Tagumo Attacks 19-Nov-18 0.91

06 Tender Is The Nate 26-Nov-18 0.97

07 Hell No, Dolly! 3-Dec-18 0.93

08 Legends of To-Meow-Meow 10-Dec-18 1.10

09 Lucha de Aquestas 1-Apr-19 0.92

10 The Getaway 8-Apr-19 0.95




Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 American Alien 14-Oct-18 1.52

02 Fallout 21-Oct-18 1.34

03 Man Of Steel 28-Oct-18 1.28

04 Ahimsa 4-Nov-18 1.23

05 Parasite Lost 11-Nov-18 1.16

06 Call To Action 18-Nov-18 1.13

07 Rather the Fallen Angel 25-Nov-18 1.15

08 Bunker Hill 2-Dec-18 1.26

09 Elseworlds Part 3 11-Dec-18 2.17

10 Suspicious Minds 20-Jan-19 1.04

11 Blood Memory 27-Jan-19 1.34

12 Menagerie 17-Feb-19 1.15

13 What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way 3-Mar-19 1.14

14 Stand and Deliver 10-Mar-19 1.05

15 O Brother, Where Art Thou 17-Mar-19 1.07

16 The House of L 24-Mar-19 1.12

17 All About Eve 31-Mar-19 1.06


The Flash


Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 Nora 9-Oct-17 2.08

02 Blocked 16-Oct-18 1.69

03 The Death of Vibe 23-Oct-18 1.87

04 News Flash 30-Oct-18 1.75

05 All Doll’d Up 13-Nov-18 1.73

06 The Icicle Cometh 20-Nov-18 1.60

07 O Come, All Ye Thankful 27-Nov-18 1.79

08 What’s Past Is Prologue 4-Dec-18 1.78

09 Elseworlds Part 1 9-Dec-18 1.83

10 The Flash & The Furious 15-Jan-19 1.64

11 Seeing Red 22-Jan-19 1.88

12 Memorabilia 29-Jan-19 2.04

13 Goldfaced 5-Feb-19 1.89

14 Cause and 12-Feb-19 XS 1.71

15 King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd 1.67

16 Failure Is An Orphan 12-Mar-19 1.55

17 Time Bomb 19-Mar-19 1.64




Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 The Book Of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies 9-Oct-18 1.16

02 The Book Of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues 16-Oct-18 1.02

03 The Book Of Consequences: Chapter Three: Master Lowry 23-Oct-18 1.18

04 The Book Of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak 30-Oct-18 0.97

05 The Book Of Blood: Chapter One: Requiem 13-Nov-18 0.90

06 The Book Of Blood: Chapter Two: The Perdi 20-Nov-18 0.99

07 The Book Of Blood: Chapter Three: The Sange 27-Nov-18 1.06

08 The Book Of Rebellion: Chapter One: Exodus 4-Dec-18 0.96

09 The Book Of Rebellion: Chapter Two: Gift of the Magi 11-Dec-18 1.13

10 The Book Of Rebellion: Chapter Three: Angelitos Negros 21-Jan-19 0.86

11 The Book Of Secrets: Chapter One: Prodigal Son 28-Jan-19 0.93

12 The Book Of Secrets: Chapter Two: Just And Unjust 4-Feb-19 0.95

13 The Book of Secrets: Chapter Three: Pillar of Fire 11-Feb-19 0.94

14 The Book Of Secrets: Chapter Four: Original Sin 4-Mar-19 0.77

15 The Book Of The Apocalypse: Chapter One: The Alpha 11-Mar-19 0.75

16 The Book Of The Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega 18-Mar-19 0.85


Part 1: The Plot, Themes and Characters

  • What was the overall theme? What was the link to the episode’s name?
    • Tender is the Night - novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald (his last)
      • Living Well Is the Best Revenge - New Yorker article (20 July 1962)
  • Time travel
    • 2018 - Time Bureau
    • Paris - 1927
      • Hank geeks out when he sees Hemingway, the original man of action
      • Hank tells Hemingway about creature; Sara, Hank, Hemingway, and Mick to catacombs to hunt
      • Sara - we need a plan; Hemingway - we just need to go and do the thing
      • Nate and Charlie meet the Fitzgeralds
      • Charlie - minotaur’s true story: rejected by father, hides in maze
      • Hemingway tells exaggerated tale of what actually happened in catacombs
  • Fight scenes and stunts
    • Catacombs
      • Mick, Sara, Hank, and Hemingway meet a minotaur
      • Minotaur blocks Hemingway’s bullets, Sara attacks minotaur, minotaur cuts gun in half, fire doesn’t work
    • Cafe
      • Minotaur tracks Hemingway
      • Constantine lures with musk; Nate plays; minotaur begins to fall asleep
      • Hemingway goes to shoot, Sara stops him, gun fires, Sara decks Hemingway
      • Minotaur attacks; Nate steels up
      • Hank plays guitar and sings James Taylor
  • Sara Lance / White Canary
    • Goes to Ava’s work as a birthday present
    • Have to keep Nate away from lab
    • Agrees to Nate’s plan
    • Pizza party for team
    • Rate her as Captain:
  • Ray Palmer / The Atom
    • Takes jump ship to Time Bureau to see Nora, testing to see if Constantine is right about no one missing him
    • Gives Nora a love letter
    • Hides in envelope
  • Mick Rory / Heat Wave
    • Book published under Rebecca Silver - Uncaged Desire
  • Zari
  • John Constantine
    • Naked in the library
  • Charlie
    • Decks Nate when he hugs her
    • Refuses to be Amaya
  • Gideon
    • Heals Hank
  • Nate Heywood / Steel
    • Takes Hank to ship
    • Determined to figure out how to catch creature
    • Lure and lull the minotaur - Hank isn’t impressed
    • I’m not like you, Dad
    • Hank admits to learning from him about how to deal with creature
    • Decides to go back to Bureau
  • Ava Sharpe  
    • Sees fugitives as prisoners
    • Hank - upset about Legends spending habits
    • Have to justify Legends budget
  • Time Bureau
    • Mona’s first day; containment units done
    • Nora a prisoner; Nora panics when confronted about letter; Nora, Mona, and Ava locked together
    • Nora and Ava compare childhood horror stories; Mona thinks they are cooler than Gillian Anderson
    • Nora - no future, so need to shut down
    • Mona delivers letter to Ray from Nora; Ava realizes humanity is needed in units
    • Hank realizes what the Legends do is necessary




  1. 'Arrow' Wraps Production on Season 7 (Date: 11 April 2019)
    1. Days after the season's wrap party and a day after series regular Emily Bett Rickards filmed what could be her last-ever episode of the show, Arrow star Stephen Amell has confirmed that the show has wrapped production on its seventh season. In a simple tweet without much ceremony, Amell tweeted "seven down, one to go."




Arrow returns April 15th, 2019 with “Lost Canary” S7E18


Link to Promo: (Date: 25 March 2019)


Episode: “Lost Canary” [Season 7 Episode 18] - Arrow

Air Date: Monday, April 15, 2019 - new time - 9PM

Summary: After being accused of murder and having her criminal past exposed, Laurel goes full Black Siren and teams up with an old criminal acquaintance, Shadow Thief, to go on a crime spree around Star City. While Dinah aims to bring Laurel in, Felicity refuses to give up on her friend and tries everything to get through to her, even summoning Sara Lance for help. However, Laurel rebuffs all her efforts, forcing the former friends to face off against each other.

Director: Kristin Windell

Writers: Jill Blankenship & Elisa Delson

IMDB link:

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