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Aug 12, 2019

Starling Tribune - Season 7.5 Edition – “Séance and Sensibility” Review (A CW Network Arrow Television Show Fan Podcast) ST246


The Starling Tribune Reporters Chris and Michelle review the Legends Of Tomorrow season 4 eleventh episode “Séance and Sensibility.” The Reporters discuss the Bollywood number that Zari (and the rest of the cast) rocked, Hank’s funeral and Nate’s coming to terms finally with his father, Hanks’ endgame plan to develop a magical creature park, how Neron’s plans are starting to materialize, and all the news from San Diego Comic Con 2019. Catch Starling Tribune now on the Pandora App too!


Episode:            “Séance and Sensibility” [Season 4 Episode 11]

Air Date:           Monday, April 15, 2019 


Director:           Alexandra La Roche


                        1x Riverdale / 3x Legends / 4x Flash / 2x Arrow / 1x Supergirl


Writers: Grainne Godfree


                        15x Legends / 7x Flash / 1x Arrow


Jackie Canino


                        1x Legends





Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 Inmate 4587 15-Oct-18 1.43

02 The Longbow Hunters 22-Oct-18 1.18

03 Crossing Lines 29-Oct-18 1.15

04 Level Two 5-Nov-18 1.08

05 The Demon 12-Nov-18 1.26

06 Due Process 19-Nov-18 1.03

07 The Slabside Redemption 26-Nov-18 1.31

08 Unmasked 3-Dec-18 1.35

09 Elseworlds Part 2 10-Dec-18 2.06

10 My Name Is Emiko Queen 21-Jan-19 1.22

11 Past Sins 28-Jan-19 1.18

12 Emerald Archer 4-Feb-19 1.07

13 Star City Slayer 11-Feb-19 1.09

14 Brothers & Sisters 4-Mar-19 0.89

15 Training Day 11-Mar-19 1.02

16 Star City 2040 18-Mar-19 1.00

17 Inheritance 25-Mar-19 1.01

18 Lost Canary 15-Apr-19 0.71

19 Spartan 22-Apr-19 0.71

20 Confessions 29-Apr-19 0.64

21 Living Proof 6-May-19 0.63

22 You Have Saved This City 13-May-19  0.95


Legends Of Tomorrow


Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 The Virgin Gary 22-Oct-18 1.00

02 Witch Hunt 29-Oct-18 0.94

03 Dancing Queen 5-Nov-18 0.86

04 Wet Hot American Bummer 12-Nov-18 0.90

05 Tagumo Attacks 19-Nov-18 0.91

06 Tender Is The Nate 26-Nov-18 0.97

07 Hell No, Dolly! 3-Dec-18 0.93

08 Legends of To-Meow-Meow 10-Dec-18 1.10

09 Lucha de Aquestas 1-Apr-19 0.92

10 The Getaway 8-Apr-19 0.95

11 Séance & Sensibility 15-Apr-19 0.98

12 The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe 22-Apr-19 0.85

13 Egg MacGuffin 29-Apr-19 0.91

14 Nip Stuck 6-May-19 0.94

15 Terms Of Service 13-May-19 0.99

16 Hey World 20-May-19 1.05




Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 American Alien 14-Oct-18 1.52

02 Fallout 21-Oct-18 1.34

03 Man Of Steel 28-Oct-18 1.28

04 Ahimsa 4-Nov-18 1.23

05 Parasite Lost 11-Nov-18 1.16

06 Call To Action 18-Nov-18 1.13

07 Rather the Fallen Angel 25-Nov-18 1.15

08 Bunker Hill 2-Dec-18 1.26

09 Elseworlds Part 3 11-Dec-18 2.17

10 Suspicious Minds 20-Jan-19 1.04

11 Blood Memory 27-Jan-19 1.34

12 Menagerie 17-Feb-19 1.15

13 What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way 3-Mar-19 1.14

14 Stand and Deliver 10-Mar-19 1.05

15 O Brother, Where Art Thou 17-Mar-19 1.07

16 The House of L 24-Mar-19 1.12

17 All About Eve 31-Mar-19 1.06

18 Crime and Punishment 21-Apr-19 0.99

19 American Dreamer 28-Apr-19 1.14

20 Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up 5-May-19 1.05

21 Red Dawn 12-May-19 1.11

22 The Quest For Peace 19-May-19 1.07


The Flash


Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 Nora 9-Oct-17 2.08

02 Blocked 16-Oct-18 1.69

03 The Death of Vibe 23-Oct-18 1.87

04 News Flash 30-Oct-18 1.75

05 All Doll’d Up 13-Nov-18 1.73

06 The Icicle Cometh 20-Nov-18 1.60

07 O Come, All Ye Thankful 27-Nov-18 1.79

08 What’s Past Is Prologue 4-Dec-18 1.78

09 Elseworlds Part 1 9-Dec-18 1.83

10 The Flash & The Furious 15-Jan-19 1.64

11 Seeing Red 22-Jan-19 1.88

12 Memorabilia 29-Jan-19 2.04

13 Goldfaced 5-Feb-19 1.89

14 Cause and 12-Feb-19 XS 1.71

15 King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd 1.67

16 Failure Is An Orphan 12-Mar-19 1.55

17 Time Bomb 19-Mar-19 1.64

18 Godspeed 16-Apr-19 1.31

19 Snow Pack 23-Apr-19 1.63

20 Gone Rogue 30-Apr-19 1.37

21 The Girl With The Red Lightning 6-May-19 1.45

22 Legacy 14-May-19 1.53




Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 The Book Of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies 9-Oct-18 1.16

02 The Book Of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues 16-Oct-18 1.02

03 The Book Of Consequences: Chapter Three: Master Lowry 23-Oct-18 1.18

04 The Book Of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak 30-Oct-18 0.97

05 The Book Of Blood: Chapter One: Requiem 13-Nov-18 0.90

06 The Book Of Blood: Chapter Two: The Perdi 20-Nov-18 0.99

07 The Book Of Blood: Chapter Three: The Sange 27-Nov-18 1.06

08 The Book Of Rebellion: Chapter One: Exodus 4-Dec-18 0.96

09 The Book Of Rebellion: Chapter Two: Gift of the Magi 11-Dec-18 1.13

10 The Book Of Rebellion: Chapter Three: Angelitos Negros 21-Jan-19 0.86

11 The Book Of Secrets: Chapter One: Prodigal Son 28-Jan-19 0.93

12 The Book Of Secrets: Chapter Two: Just And Unjust 4-Feb-19 0.95

13 The Book of Secrets: Chapter Three: Pillar of Fire 11-Feb-19 0.94

14 The Book Of Secrets: Chapter Four: Original Sin 4-Mar-19 0.77

15 The Book Of The Apocalypse: Chapter One: The Alpha 11-Mar-19 0.75

16 The Book Of The Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega 18-Mar-19 0.85


Part 1: The Plot, Themes and Characters

  • What was the overall theme? What was the link to the episode’s name?
    • Seance - contacting the dead during Hank’s funeral
    • Sensibility - Jane Austen wrote “Sense and Sensibility”; Mona and love; Zari and love
  • Time travel
    • 1802 - Bath, England
      • Wedding: bride confesses to loving the maid; the groom confesses to loving bride’s mother; passions erupt
      • Regency thing - walk around room while conversing
      • Lord Remington - old man; his coachman has caused a stir
      • Mona tries to convince Jane to keep writing by telling her about her future. 
      • High on dust - Zari starts to sing, and the show bursts into a Bollywood number
    • Waverider
      • God sends his dust into the air and gets into everyone’s dream
      • Truth - Fugitive is Sunjay, born long ago, gathered Kamadeva’s ashes
      • Bollywood song infects the Waverider
    • Fight scenes and stunts
      • Mona turns into Wolfie
        • Knocks out Charlie
        • Goes to Jane Austen, blames her for wasting time on romance, her writing is all lies
        • Jane Austen - I do believe in love
      • Sara Lance / White Canary
        • Smash someone else, and if thinking about person, you like them
      • Ray Palmer / The Atom 
        • Feels bad about being sweet on Nora while she’s a suspect
        • Bromance solid
        • Hears sounds behind mirror; Nora tells him she’s innocent
        • Sneaks Nora onto the Waverider; has to hide her; hijinks ensue
        • Sleeps in the chair
      • Mick Rory / Heat Wave
        • Stays at funeral; tells Nate the eulogy is for him, to get him to say what he needs to
      • Zari
        • Ladies try to tell her she likes Nate
        • Gets it on with the coachman; figures out he is the fugitive; he’s Kamadeva, the Hindu God of Love
        • Resists his charms and cuffs him
        • Romance isn’t real; just for novels
        • Takes dust with Sunjay
      • John Constantine
        • Notices praying aunt and covered mirrors
        • Flashes of Hank’s spirit
        • Summons Hank’s spirit into Mick
        • Deal - unlimited funds for access to magical creatures; demon - Neron
        • Image of self in mirror talking to him; punches mirror, it’s Neron in Desmond’s body
      • Charlie 
        • Wants Mona to go Wolfie
      • Gideon
        • DJ Gideon
      • Mona
        • Wearing Jane Austen shirt, names disappearing
        • Just tell people how you feel
        • Love overcomes any obstacle - Jane calls her a fool
        • Romance is real; you should take a risk
        • Tells Zari to wait for something real; then finds out Sunjay has a 1000 wives
      • Nate Heywood / Steel 
        • Father’s funeral
        • Tells team to go get fugitive
        • Toast - talks about the bad; Mother - tells story about how trip to Disney World got canceled because Nate had to go to the hospital; Hank dressed up as Mickey Mouse
        • Pulls Disney book and finds hidden door; finds true plans - an idea for an amusement park for magical creatures based on Nate’s ideas from childhood - Heywood.
        • At the end of the day, Hank was just as wacky as the Legends




  1. Arrow Resurrects Two Dead Characters for Season 8 (Date: 12 July 2019)
    1. "Adrian Chase comes back in a different way than expected," showrunner Beth Schwartz said. "We're really excited about that because obviously he's one of our favorite villains." On the subject of Tommy Merlyn, executive producer Marc Guggenheim promised Donnell is "not coming back as the Tommy we know."
  2. Arrow's Final Season Will Bring Back a Long-Dead Queen Family Member (Date: 23 July 2019)
    1. Susanna Thompson will be reprising her role as Moira Queen, Oliver Queen's mother, in some capacity for the premiere of Arrow's eighth -- and last -- season. "It's a love letter to the show; it really is," Guggenheim said of Thompson's return. "I was telling [executive producer] Beth [Schwartz], it felt a lot like the series finale, not the season premiere, in the best possible way, almost to the point where we're like, 'What are we going to do for the series finale?' I mean, we know, obviously, but it has that kind of resonance to it, and that's exciting."
  3. Arrow Season 8: Chicago Fire Vet Charlie Barnett Cast as [Spoiler] (Date: 20 July 2019)
    1. Arrow‘s flash-forward family is expanding: Charlie Barnett (Chicago Fire) has joined the CW drama’s eighth and final season in the series-regular role of John Diggle, Jr., aka J.J.
  4. Arrow Final Season Trailer Recaps Those Oliver Has Loved and Lost, Teases Returns (From the Dead?) (Date: 20 July 2019)
    1. The first teaser video for Arrow‘s final season emotionally revisits all those whom Oliver Queen has loved… and lost… over the years, before teases the familiar faces he will encounter while fulfilling his commitment to the Monitor.
  5. Arrow Showrunner Reveals Episode 8x02 Title (Date: 23 July 2019)
    1. In a Twitter post, Schwartz shared a photo of the script's cover page alongside a Green Arrow statue. The title of the episode? "Welcome to Hong Kong".




  1. Tyler Hoechlin & Brandon Routh To Suit Up As Superman For Arrowverse Crossover On the CW (Date: 19 July 2019)
    1. The producers of the DC franchise on the CW are planning a big stunt involving one of DC’s most recognizable superheroes, Superman. Two actors who have played the Man of Steel, Tyler Hoechlin and Brandon Routh, will portray him in different time frames.


  1. Original Robin Burt Ward to Appear in Crisis On Infinite Earths (Date: 20 July 2019)
    1. During the Batwoman panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, it was revealed that Burt Ward has a role in the upcoming crossover, where he will debut in the Ruby Rose-led series. Ward played Robin alongside Adam West's Batman in the original Batman TV show. He has continued to lend his voice to the role over the years, but now he'll make an appearance in the Arrowverse. But, it is not confirmed that he will play his original version of Robin, an alternate version of the character, or a new character altogether.
  2. Elizabeth Tulloch will return as Lois Lane in 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' crossover (Date: 22 July 2019)
    1. EW has exclusively learned that Elizabeth Tulloch will reprise her role as Lois Lane in “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” which will also feature Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman. Not only that, but we’ll also meet Clark and Lois’ child in the five-hour, multiverse-threatening event.
  3. The Flash's Cavanagh Will Play Another Classic DC Character (Date: 23 July 2019)
    1. "As part of 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' crossover, Tom will be playing Pariah as part of the crossover," The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace revealed at the show's Comic-Con International panel. "He works for the Anti-Monitor."
    2. "In the original miniseries, it's Pariah who is very much integral in releasing the Anti-Monitor," he continued. "For Tom to play such a pivotal character... it's just going to tear your guts out and make you cry." The first half of The Flash Season 6 will "lead up to a very, very big twist at the end of the Bloodwork case that launches 'Crisis.'"




  1. Supergirl: Mehcad Brooks Exiting the CW Series Next Season (Date: 19 July 2019)
    1. Mehcad Brooks, who portrays James Olsen on Supergirl, is leaving the CW series in its upcoming Season 5. Brooks is leaving the series to shift his attention to work on feature films, developing a cable series and writing a book.
  2. Jeremy Jordan Returning to 'Supergirl' for Season 5 (Exclusive) (Date: 18 July 2019)
    1. Jeremy Jordan, who departed Supergirl after season three, will be reuniting with the crew on the upcoming fifth season of The CW superhero drama as tech wiz Winn, ET has exclusively learned. Jordan is expected to appear in three episodes in the second half of the season, after the annual DC crossover event, though the context in which he comes back and additional storyline details are being kept under wraps.
  3. Supergirl Season 5 Casts Veronica Mars Vet as Budding Superhero Acrata, Plus Several Other Intriguing Additions (Date: 20 July 2019)
    1. Two new faces are coming to Supergirl in Season 5 as series regulars — and they have very different plans for National City. 
    2. Julie Gonzalo is playing DC Comics character Andrea Rojas (aka Acrata), who has a mystical secret.” As revealed on the panel, Andrea will take over as the head of CatCo.
    3. Staz Nair will play as “hardened reporter William Dey, who’s not interested in making friends, he just wants to get the story — but his ties to the criminal underworld could prove problematic.”
    4. Both characters will make their debut in Supergirl‘s fifth season premiere, airing Sunday, Oct. 6. 
    5. And here’s another fun reveal: Jesse Rath’s sister, Meghan Rath (Hawaii Five-0), will appear as a female Brainiac 5.
    6. The show also unveiled an official first look at Kara’s new costume for Season 5 — Supergirl has pants!
  4. Supergirl Battles Lena Luthor in First Season 5 Trailer (Date: 20 July 2019)
    1. The first look at the fifth season of The CW's Supergirl was unveiled Saturday at Comic-Con International in San Diego. "One of our big bads this season is Leviathan, so we're bringing that into our canon this year... This season is going to be about how technology effects us," executive producer Robert Rovner explained. "We'll be seeing how our villains this season use technology against us and how our heroes bring us back."





  1. The Flash Will Launch New Storytelling Format for Season 6 (Date: 23 July 2019)
    1. The Flash is trying something new for Season 6. Instead of one season-long story arc, Season 6 will be broken down into two chapters that feature their own individual villains. The first half will end in this year's five-show crossover "Crisis on Infinite Earths," then pick up afterwards with a new story for the second half.
  2. The Flash Season 6 Will Bring Back Wally West's Kid Flash (Date: 24 July 2019)
    1. Wally West will return to The Flash for Season 6. At Comic-Con International in San Diego, showrunner Eric Wallace revealed Kid Flash will be back -- and he will help his namesake take on one of their greatest villains yet.
    2. "Let's bring Wally West back," Wallace announced at the panel. "Why don't we do it this season... and have Kid Flash and Flash fight one of the greatest Flash villains."
    3. At the time of writing, it is unknown whether Wally will appear in the first half, second half or both




Link to Promo: (Date: 8 April 2019) 


Episode: “Séance and Sensibility” [Season 4 Episode 11]

Air Date: Monday, April 15, 2019 

Summary: When Mona discovers that her favorite author, Jane Austen, might be at the epicenter of a magical alert, Mona, Sara, Charlie and Zari find themselves in 1809.

Director: Alexandra La Roche

Writers: Grainne Godfree & Jackie Canino

IMDB link:

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