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Sep 13, 2016

Starling Tribune - Season 4.5 Special Edition – Legends Of Tomorrow Destiny (A CW Network Arrow Television Show Fan Podcast)


The Official Arrow Podcast of the Gonna Geek Network


Episode:            Season 1, Episode 15 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow -  “Destiny”

Air Date:           May 12th, 2016 on the CW television network, and on CTV up there in Canada




Director:           Olatunde Osunsanmi
Similar to last week, this week marks another directorial debut on the Berlantiverse, with Mr. Osun-sanmi joining the DC TV family on this episode.  He’s no stranger to behind the camera or to genre TV though

                        Berlantiverse: Nothing
Other Director Credits: 1x Bates Motel | 2x Sleepy Hollow | 2x Minority Report | 6x Falling Skies | 1x The Last Ship and others


Writers:             No ‘writing’ credit -- This week marks another week with no formal writing credit. Instead, as we run up to the finale, the showrunners pretty much took the helm, and if you’re a fan of the show or this podcast, you’re no stranger to the names of the fine folks who got the creative credits this week


                        Story By: Marc Guggenheim

                        Teleplay By: Phil Klemmer and Chris Fedak

                        Executive Story Editor: Ray Utarnachitt


Weekly Ratings


Episode 15: Rating of 1.89 - This was up from series low of 1.62 the preceding week!  


Monday 9 May 2016


No episode

Season 1 ended April 18th


Tuesday 10 May 2016

The Flash (Ep 2.21)

Rating: 3.52

“The Runaway Dinosaur”
Kevin Smith directs this episode, where Barry enters the speedforce to face his past and emerge stronger and faster.


Wednesday 11 May 2016

Arrow (Ep. 4.21)

Rating: 2.16

“Monument Point”
Darhk begins taking over the world’s nuclear stockpile, and Felicity redirects a nuke to the town of Monument Point.


Thursday 12 May 2016


Legends (Ep 1.15)
Rating: 1.89

The team has the final showdown with the Time Masters after the reveal of the Oculus. Rip’s family dies, snart dies, time master leader dies. Penultimate season 1 episode.


Friday 13 May 2016


No episode

Season 1 ended February 13th


Links for Other Shows


Episode # Episode Title Episode Air Date Rating
1 Pilot, Part 1 21-Jan-16 3.21
2 Pilot, Part 2 28-Jan-16 2.89
3 Blood Ties 4-Feb-16 2.32
4 White Knights 7-Feb-16 2.39
5 Fail-Safe 18-Feb-16 2.25
6 Star City 2046 25-Feb-16 2.47
7 Marooned 3-Mar-16 2.28
8 Night of the Hawk 10-Mar-16 2.01
9 Left Behind 31-Mar-16 1.97
10 Progeny 7-Apr-16 1.88
11 The Magnificent Eight 12-Apr-16 1.98
12 Last Refuge 21-Apr-16 1.78
13 Leviathan 28-Apr-16 1.86
14 River of Time 5-May-16 1.63
15 Destiny 12-May-16 1.89
16 Legendary 19-May-16 1.85


Part 1: The Plot, Themes, Fights & Time Travel

  • Link to the title: How did the title “Destiny” tie to the episode
    • Vandal Savage says it’s his Destiny
    • Time Master says it’s not a trap… it’s Destiny
    • The whole oculus wellspring concept deals with a pre-determined and manipulated destiny
  • Recurring theme: What was the recurring theme of in this episode
    • Fate vs. free will - the struggle between the immutable nature of a predetermined future, and the ability to make choices
    • It calls into question everything the team has done, and could continue to do once they have the knowledge of the oculus
  • Fight scenes & stunts: Share your thoughts
    • Fight/stunt 1
      • Spaceship firing on the vanishing point
      • Not really a fight, but a cool effect
    • Fight/stunt 2
      • Jumpship versus TimeMaster soldiers at the oculus wellspring
      • Not much of a fight, but nice strafing effect.
    • Fight/stunt 3
      • Battle in the oculus chamber.  Lots of firing, heat gun, cold gun etc.
  • Time travel: Thoughts on the tropes and mechanics
    • Nice flashback to start, back to the recruiting scene in 2016
      • Great to see the team back before all the messing with the timeline
    • Jax - “Something called time travel - the team’s in trouble”.  Very Bill and Ted showing up in his own past once he’s left the room. (Marty! It’s your kids!)
    • This timetravel model, there is no free will - only free will at the vanishing point
    • Nothing you can do to change time?


Part 2: The Characters

  • Rip Hunter
    • Rate on a scale of 1 (Capt. of the Titanic - Edward John Smith) to 10 (the best - Picard)
    • Freaking out with “NO ONE CONTROLS ME” which breaks him.
    • “You lot guard the entrance”. I’m sorry, but is “you lot” the official way to address the crew. Well, it’s either that or walk the plank Argggg!
    • Shrinks Ray to carry him.
  • Vandal Savage
    • “An appointment I have… with Destiny” kinda sounds like an exotic dancer
    • Execution of Rip’s family - still murders Miranda and Jonas
  • Time Masters
    • The Reveal of the oculus and the reveal of the master manipulation of the entire crew
    • Ordered Savage to kill Rip’s family to motivate him.  Super dick move.
    • Guy doing the induction process kinda enjoys it.
    • Love the time ships preparing to jump in the hangar, like the rebel fleet about to attack the death star or the Mass Effect Pelicans getting ready for a combat drop or the Space Marines about to assault the Alien Queen with Ripley
  • The Atom - Ray Palmer
    • Still cares for Kendra - freaked out when she was shot by the prison guards.
    • Continues the theme of believing in the face of adversity
    • Interesting bonding with Mick & how he survived not being turned into Chronos
    • “All I wanted to do was make a difference.”  Keeps working even though that’s how he dies.
  • White Canary - Sara Lance
    • And she’s a badass pilot.  “Punch it Gideon”
    • “Want to steal a kiss from me… you better be one hell of a thief”.  Dammit, I really wanted these two to get together. - then the final kiss just kills me.
  • Hawkgirl - Kendra Saunders
    • Kinda loses it when she realizes Savage is going to kill Rip’s family.  That was the whole point of the mission… well, that and saving the earth from Savage’s destruction and reign. They arguably failed at all of that and made it worse.
    • No barista reference.
  • Hawkman - Carter Hall
    • In stasis - not in this episode
  • Captain Cold - Leonard Snart
    • I freakin’ love Snart in the past
    • Dammit - I want an entire show of just Sara and Snart
    • “There are no strings on me”  Frickin beautiful line. He was a hero.
  • Heatwave - Mick Rory
    • Soliloquy when faced with becoming Chronos again - “I focused on vengeance. I focused on how much I hated all of you”
    • “Oh yeah, that’s good… break my arms” - Mick has the best lines
    • “For a time master, you sure waste a lot of it”
    • Executes the a**-hole time master
    • “Get me out of this stupid robot suit”
    • “If you tell the team I actually care, I’ll shave your head” - focused on the team
  • Firestorm - Professor Martin Stein
    • Arrogant interaction with Jax in the past
    • Nice speech to Jax about something having gone right on the mission re: Jefferson maturing and he being less of an asshat.
  • Firestorm - Jefferson Jackson
    • “It’s the best decision I never made.” re: being roofied and going on the mission.
  • Waverider/Gideon
    • Calls on the ye olde fashioned phone - uploaded into the latency core.
    • Love the firing effects on the vanishing point




Season 1 Episode 15 “Destiny” (Date: 12 May 2016)

  1. Thanagar: Legends of Tomorrow made Thanagarians - DC’s alien hawkman species and home to Nth Metal with strong ties to Hawkgirl and Hawkman, this just became cannon for the DC TV Universe.  Lots of comic references and lore, and on the cartoon Justice League Unlimited
  2. Smugglers Hatch: Pretty obvious reference to Star Wars and the Millennium Falcon
  3. Time Sphere: When Jax heads back to 2016, we get a look at he and Martin working on the Time Sphere that was broken in the season finale of The Flash last year.  In the comics, the Time Sphere (also sometimes called a Time Bubble) was the primary means of time-travel used by Rip Hunter, Time well as Booster Gold, The Legion of Super-Heroes, and other characters.
  4. “I’ll shave your head”: The threat Mick uses against Ray -- that he'll "shave your head" -- is presumably a nod to the fact that all season long, he's referred to Ray as "haircut.".
  5. “No strings on me”: Iconic Pinocchio line, used by Ultron in the second avengers movie
  6. Tabula Rasa: While "Tabula rasa" has a broader cultural meaning outside of DC Comics, meaning "blank slate," as explained by Ray…  it's worth noting that there are two major DC Comics uses of the phrase: one is a Batman story in which he is forced to work with Bane -- and the other is an organization in the Wildstorm universe whose actual name is Tabula Rasa.
  7. Who telephone reference




  1. Arrow: Stephen Amell finally asks to compete on Ninja Warrior (Date: 03 Sep 2016)
    * At Salt Lake City Comic Con, he finally conceded, and sent out a tweet to the American Ninja Warrior asking to compete in 2017
    * "Ok... It happened. The people of Salt Lake City and the great State of Utah pushed me over the edge," Amell posted today on his official Facebook page. "NBC American Ninja Warrior - in 2017, I would like to compete on your show."
    * The American Ninja Warrior Co-Host Matt Iseman tweeted back and said he’s in!
  2. Arrow: Stephen Amell on whether Deathstroke is gone from Arrow (Date: 05 Sep 2016)
    * Part of his Salt Lake City Comic Con panel
    * Amell responded,  "That's actually something that people bring up on a regular basis…whether DC has told us you can’t have or you must get rid of [this character].
    *  That’s not how that works. Diane Nelson and Geoff Johns – the people at Warner Bros. on the feature side, the people at Warner Bros. on the television side – are all in the business of making the best products for fans. Just because there may or may not be a Deathstroke in the DC Extended Universe doesn’t mean Manu Bennett can’t exist on our show."
  3. Arrow: Amell won’t be upset if Ollie comes to the bigscreen (Date: 04 Sep 2016)
    * Part of his Salt Lake City Comic Con Panel
    * "I do not have a right to Oliver Queen. Someone played it played it before me. Someone voiced it before me. Somebody will play it after me.
    * I don’t believe that there are plans for Oliver Queen in the DC Extended Universe, based off things that people have told me, but I would not be upset if that changed at all."
  4. Arrow: Greg Berlanti says the CW Suicide Squad was an intentional ask by DC to test run a movie (Date: 07 Sep 2016)
    Question:  Does DC Comics president Geoff Johns come to you and say, “Hey, here’s something we tried out in a comic. Let’s try it here”?  
    Answer: “Sometimes, or he has other executives mention that to us. They said to us a year and a half before they started developing Suicide Squad, “Will you guys put [a version of] the Suicide Squad in your show? Because we want to have it as a film at some point.”
  5. Arrow: Showrunner Wendy Mericle reitterates no return to Olicity (Date: 07 Sep 2016)
    * “[Oliver and Felicity] are both in crisis mode. Oliver’s got two really big jobs, and [Felicity] is spinning out about Havenrock. Until they’ve gotten some clarity for themselves, there’s not much room for the relationship side of things.”
    * Mericle says that Oliver is “very much the focus of the first nine [episodes], being the one thing that anchors and pulls everybody through.”
    * Felicity, meanwhile, is struggling with guilt over accidentally destroying Havenrock (note: wasn’t it Monument Point?) with a nuclear bomb, which has her “doubled down in a bunker,”
    * Diggle is trying to figure out how he can get that sense of himself back, after killing his brother.
  6. Arrow: Katie Cassidy will be back on  on Arrow Sooner Than We Thought (Date: 6 Sep 2016)
    * Katie Cassidy will return to Arrow as Laurel during the Season 5 premiere this coming October. The actress took the stage at Salt Lake Comic-Con this weekend (via com) and revealed that she definitely will appear as Laurel Lance during the very first episode of the new season. Although she wouldn't (or couldn't) go into any further detail, the general consensus seems to be that this is when we will finally get to learn what they dying Laurel said to Oliver while lying in her Star City hospital bed




  1. Legends: Stephen Amell appears in LoT Season 2 still shots (Date: 06 Sep 2016)
    * We'll see a lot of new and familiar faces in season two of Legends of Tomorrow, including Oliver Queen showing up, and it's pretty clear that his role will involve coming to blows with Heat Wave and teaming up with Nick Zano's Dr. Nate Heywood.
    * We also get a glimpse of Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough).
  2. Flash: Is Andrew Kriesberg hinting Barry may go bad in Season 3? (Date: 03 Sep 2016)
    * Comments made in an Entertainment Weekly interview regarding if Barry will still have his powers post-Flashpoint
    * “One of the themes is what does it mean to have power, what you do with that power, and is power ultimately corrupting?” he said.
  3. Flash: Carlos Valdes on Flashpoint, repercussions & relationships (Date: 06 Sep 2016)
    * “What the season mostly deals with is the repercussions of that alternate timeline being opened,”
    * “A  lot of fans are expressing concern over some of their favorite characters and relationships being gone and all this work we’ve done over the last two years being undone. ... I can assure fans that that is not the case.”
    * the new season will continue to explore Cisco’s “ongoing evolution” as a metahuman, noting that “powers grow. That’s what they do. Period.”
  4. Flash: Carlos Valdes & Teddy Sears share a story at DragonCon (Date: 06 Sep 2016)
    * The actor who plays Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) shared a story about a real life incident on the way to DragonCon… about how everyday heros can be some of the most impactful.  Worth a read.
  5. Flash: Mirror Master is changing for the CW (Date: 08 Sep 2016)
    * There have been two different Mirror Masters in the comics
    * Ability to warp through mirrors has been technological, powered by a “gun” device
    * Showrunners have confirmed that Mirror Master will be a true Meta with powers
  6. Flash: Kevin Smith behind the scenes while filming Flash (Date: 07 Sep 2016)
    * From a recent episode of his new AMC series Geeking Out, Kevin Smith did some behind the scenes filming while he directed an episode of The Flash.
    * He talks with Grant Gustin about how the actor is more extroverted when in costume and talks with Candice Patton about playing the Earth 2 version of Iris West
  7. Flash: New “Time Strikes Back” trailer drops for Flash (Date: 08 Sep 2016)
    * Pretty much a re-hash of the prior footage and re-cap of last season
    * New speech from Reverse-Flash: Reverse-Flash reveals to Barry the trouble he’ll be in if he remains in the Flashpoint Timeline too long.
  8. Supergirl: Tyler Hoechlin comments on his portrayal of Superman (Date: 05 Sep 2016)
    * Interview in Entertainment Weekly
    * “It’s Superman as I think he was intended to be,” said Hoechlin
    * Just an incredible symbol of hope to kids that they can do anything, that they can be good people, and that good people can triumph over evil. You don’t have to be dark and brooding and always in this state of masculine toughness.”
  9. Supergirl: Andrew Kreisberg addresses Superman (IGN interview) (Date: 07 Sep 2016)
    * The show will address how Superman is more “popular” in the Supergirl universe
    * Big emphasis on making sure Superman will not take away or diminish Supergirl
  10. Black Lightning: Greg Berlanti’s new show Black Lightning picked up... (Date: 08 Sep 2016)
    * … by Fox
    * I have no words…
    * As we all believe this will be cancelled, we’re not going to talk about this from here on in...
  11. Constantine: Fans made Constantine on BluRay and DVD a thing! (Date: 06 Sep 2016)
    * The Warner Archive -- Warner Bros.'s print-on-demand service for DVDs and Blu-rays -- will release Constantine on Blu-ray soon, according to advertisements running on the back of this week's DC Comics.
    * So far, there's no sign of the show on the Warner Archive Store, but the ad which says "fantastic TV looks better on Blu-ray … also says "Constantine now on Blu-ray & DVD."



  1. Katie Cassidy Interview at Salt Lake City Comic Con (Date: 05 Sep 2016)
    * Talks about how she found out about Laurel’s death
    * Will be back in the first episode in flashback to disclose what she said
    * Confirms has a DC-TV wide contract like Wentworth Miller and John Barrowman
  2. Stephen Amell & David Ramsey at Salt Lake City Comic Con (Date: 05 Sep 2016)
    * They cover a range of topics including their most emotional moment on the series, their favorite moment with John Barrowman (which they let slip that he hasn’t been on the show in a while), and a great story about Diggle’s reaction to seeing the Flash for the first time and just how he might react to seeing Supergirl.




  • Malcolm Merlyn, the Dark Archer, collected Graphic novel out (Date: 06 Sep 2016)
    * i09 had an interview with John Barrowman out as well
    * Collectes the DC direct to digital weekly comic, similar to arrow season 2.5
    * John and Carole mention they would love to do a single Arrow episode in flashback solely on Malcolm Merlyn -- maybe a short mid-season miniseries?? Make it Happen DC!!!
  1. Green Arrow (Rebirth) #6 came out this week (Date: 07 Sep 2016)
    * New arc: Sins of the Mother Part 1
    * Story: Benjamin Percy | Art & Color: Stephen Byrne | Letters: Nate Piekos of BlamBot
     Cover: W Scott Forbes | Variant Cover: Neal Adams & Josh Adams w/ Tim Shin
    * All about Emiko (Ollie only appears in Flashback), so it really shifts focus
    * The story is told in two parts, one in flashback when Emi was living with Ollie and taking out a different Clock King than we saw in the New 52 and in Deathstroke (My head hurts…). The second is dealing with the fallout from the final fight with the Ninth Circle.
    * First issue with Stephen Byrne taking the art over from Juan Ferreyra, and the art style is less realistic and more anime, which isn’t really my style, but I can see it work with Emi and a Japanese setting for the current story.
    * Problem with a “dire” cliffhanger for Emi is that we know she’s not in any danger, which made it a poor choice for a cliffhanger from a writing perspective
    * CBRU (Metacritic) aggregate Score is brought down by a couple fours, but other than that scored pretty-much 8’s and 9’s




Promo for Next Week: Legends Of Tomorrow Season 1 Finale - “Legendary”





Episode:                                       “Legendary” [Season 1 Episode 16]

Air Date:                                      Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Summary:                                    After the numerous sacrifices the team has made since the beginning of this ride, Rip decides that it's time they each decide their own destiny and returns them to Central City a few months after they first left. Returned to their normal lives, each team member must individually decide if they are willing to sacrifice everything in order to save the world. Meanwhile, Sara visits with her father who delivers some heartbreaking news about her sister.

Director:                                      Dermott Downs 

Writers:                                        No “writer” credit -- show runners are bringing it home
Story by: Greg Berlanti                  and Chris Fedak
Teleplay by: Phil Klemmer and Marc Guggenheim
Exec. Story Editor: Ray Utarnachitt


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