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The Starling Tribune is a podcast dedicated to the CW's Arrow TV Show and the other DC Comics TV Shows on the CW channel as well as the DC Universe in general. Each week the reporters and their chief editor will get together to discuss the latest episode of the hit CW show Arrow. The Starling Tribune is a proud member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network found at

Aug 16, 2016

Starling Tribune - Season 4.5 Special Edition – Legends Of Tomorrow Magnificent Eight (A CW Network Arrow Television Show Fan Podcast)


The Official Arrow Podcast of the Gonna Geek Network


Episode:            “The Magnificent Eight” [Season 1 Episode 11]

Air Date:           April 14th, 2016




Director:           Thor Freudenthal
We’ve talked Thor before, but in the context of Arrow! He has a total of 16 directing credits, but this is the only episode of Legends of Tomorrow he’s directed, but he’s no stranger to DC-TV!


                        LoT: 1x Director
Other Director Credits: 1x Quantico | 4x Arrow | 1x Supergirl | 1x Flash | Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters | Diary of a Wimpy Kid and others!


Writers:             Story by Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti,
Teleplay by Marc Guggenheim
When you’re playing in the DC sandbox, you’re not going to leave the story to just anyone… two showrunners and the big dogs for the DC TV and Berlanti-verse


                        Marc Guggenheim
Man who needs no introduction - we’ve talked a lot about him before One of the key figures along with Kriesberg in the

                        Executive Producer: Arrow | Legends of Tomorrow | Vixen | No Ordinary Family | Flash Forward
Tons of writing credits, extending beyond the DC TW genre into video games, comics, movies and more...


Weekly Ratings



Rating: Episode 11 - 1.98 (April 14th, 2016)

  • Up a tenth of a point… probably because of Jonah Hex?  
  • Arrow: April 10th - “Sins of the Father” (Ep 4.13) - 44 (Nyssa disbands the league, Malcolm loses his hand)
  • The Flash:  Still on a two-week break - no episode (Back April 19)
  • Supergirl: April 11th - “Myriad” (Ep.1.12) - 12 (Myriad effect has taken over National City)

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  • What was the overall theme for this episode / What was the link to the ep. name
    • “The Magnificent Eight” 
      • Take on the classic Magnificent Seven cowboy movie, which itself was adapted from the 1954 Kurosawa film, the Seven Samurai
      • Fight scenes & Stunts: Share your thoughts 
        • Of course they got into a bar fight! ---- WITH PIANO!
          • Old Timey Saloon
        • Time Travel: Share your thoughts
          • Time fragments - pockets one can hide in for awhile
        • Rip Hunter
          • Hides on ship because he knows Jonah
          • Admits to almost succumbing to time drift
          • Doesn’t have control over crew
          • Finally steps up to duel Stillwater
          • Rate The Captain on a scale of 1 (Captain Crunch) to 10 (Captain Picard)
        • Vandal Savage
          • Not in episode.
          • Bracelet can kill him
        • The Atom - Ray Palmer
          • So happy to be in Wild West
          • Made sheriff - John Wayne
          • Has to be the hero
        • White Canary - Sara Lance
          • Sara in a cowboy hat…*sigh* *sigh*
          • Drinks Mick under the table
          • Likes the simplicity of the Old West
        • Hawkgirl - Kendra Saunders
          • Meets her former self
          • Tries to convince herself that she can control her destiny
          • Learns about the bracelet that can kill Savage
        • Captain Cold - Leonard Snart
          • Snart in all black and in a cowboy hat…*sigh*
          • Makes a clean kill to protect Stein (by Old West rules)
          • Sharpshooter to help Sheriff Ray “John Wayne” Palmer
          • Makes reference to MIB flashing device to wipe memories
        • Heatwave - Mick Rory
          • If you think I’m bad, meet the hunters
          • Challenges Sara to drinking game and loses
          • Knows about the Pilgrim
        • Firestorm - Professor Martin Stein
          • Just had to help the damsel in distress and cure her son
          • Father was a criminal sort; learned to play cards
          • G. Well’s mother looks like Clara from BTTF 3
        • Waverider/Gideon
          • Maker of clothes once again
          • Gives info of Rip’s time in Calvert, OK
        • Jonah Hex!!!
          • Knows right away they’re time travelers; asks for Rip
          • Doesn’t think his face needs fixing
          • Punches Rip when learns Rip knew fate of Calvert
        • The Hunters
          • THE PILGRIM!!!!




Season 1 Episode 11 “The Magnificent Eight” (Date: 15 Apr 2016)

  1. Magnificent 7 reference: We talked about the movies and source material earlier
  2. Salvation, Texas: Salvation, Texas, was the name of a town featured in a 2006 Jonah Hex story. In that tale, the town wasn't run by criminals, but by a particularly controlling sect of nuns.
  3. Kuberts Barbershop sign: One of the storefronts in Salvation features a pretty familiar name to DC Comics fans: Kubert. In this instance, it’s likely a nod to Joe Kubert, whose work on Jonah Hex comics helped to craft the look of the character’s early years. Kubert, of course, also worked on a lot of classic Hawkman stories, meaning that his influence has been felt quite a bit on Legends.
  4. Jonah Hex: While Hex's origin is that of a post-Civil War bounty hunter, he's had some time-travel adventures himself. In the DC Comics Universe, when he found himself flung to the far future after the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths.
  5. G. Wells: The child Stein saves in the episode is actually a young H.G. Wells, whose The Time Machine is widely regarded as one of the earliest and best novels on the topic of time-travel. ---- But we all know Warehouse 13 told the TRUE story of H.G. Well. (Shannon, that’s for you!)
  6. John Wayne reference: Ray comes up with another great alias...
  7. Turnbull: Turnbull, the man who's responsible for the sacking of Calvert, Oklahoma, is a Jonah Hex villain from the comics.  He was also the villain in the Jonah Hex movie played by John Malkovich.
  8. Hannibal Hawkes: Hannibal Hawkes isn't just the Old West hero Nighthawk, but in modern stories it was revealed that he was, indeed, one of the many lives of Prince Khufu/Hawkman.
  9. Klemmer & Sons sign: One of Salvation's storefronts is that of "Klemmer and Sons," apparently the business owned by Phil Klemmer's family.  Klemmer is a writer and producer on Legends of Tomorrow.
  10. Geddes Drugstore sign: One of the signs in town is for an apothecary named D. Geddes,  a nod to David Geddes, who directed last week's episode titled "Progeny.




  1. Stephen Amell teases 4-way crossover with “Boots on the Ground”  (Date: 07 Aug 2016)
    * Stephen Amell tweeted a pic of a bunch of boots - can you figure out who is who?
  2. CW Releases Season Synopses for DC-TV Shows  (Date: 10 Aug 2016)
    The CW has released the official synopsis for Arrow, Flash, LoT and Supergirl:
    Arrow: - October 5th Flash: - October 4th
    LoT: - October 13th Supergirl:  - October 10th
  3. Dolph Lundgren to guest on Arrow Season 5  (Date: 11 Aug 2016)
    * best known for roles in Rocky IV, Universal Soldier, The Punisher, He-Man and The Expendables, will play the head of the Bratva (Russian mob) in the flashback
    * IMDB:




  1. The Flash: Susan Walters (Vampire Diaries) cast as Caitlin’s Mom (Date: 08 Aug 2016)
    * Susan Walters moves from one CW show (The Vampire Diaries) to another (The Flash).
    * Dr. Carla Tannhauser is a biomedical engineer, similar to Caitlin (biochemist & M.D.).
    * Snow and her mother share a knack for science, but not much else. When Earth-2 Killer Frost and Earth-1 Caitlin Snow met, they talked about her; neither of them got along with her.
  2. The Flash: Casting News! The Top, Mirror Master & ??? (Date: 10 Aug 2016)
    * Casting for three new characters --
    Haley needs to give listeners the classic Crimson Comet Line - “You’re the Bottom and I’m The Top”
    * Sam Scudder aka Mirror Master
    * Rosalin “Rosa” Dillon aka gender swapped The Top
    * Female, 18 or older to play 17,could be one of two Flash villains: Magenta, a former Teen Titan turned Rogue, or Thorn, a silver age Flash villain

    UPDATE: Mirror Master casting announced, Grey Damon from Friday Night Lights & Star-Crossed
  3. The Flash: Confirmed!! Flash & Supergirl Musical Crossover (Date: 11 Aug 2016)
    *“The Flash” and “Supergirl” will combine their singing talents for two musical crossover episodes in the back half of the season, around episode 13 or 14, the executive producers revealed at The CW’s Television Critics Association summer press tour
  4. The Flash: Kevin Smith confirmed to direct Flash & Supergirl! (Date: 11 Aug 2016)
    * The announcement came at a panel at TCA 2016 for The CW
    * CW is focusing on diversity in the Directing pool.
    * Marc Guggenheim: “50% of the Arrow S.05 directors are "diverse" (aka: non-white males). Andrew Kreisberg added, they've offered over 20 women directing jobs on the shows.
  5. The Flash: 03 Dark Speedster revealed as Savitar (Date: 11 Aug 2016)
    * In the comics Savitar is a Cold War pilot test pilot who is struck by lightning during a flight
    * He has an obsession with speed and is the leader of a cult.
    * He's battled speedsters like Johnny Quick and Max Mercury, and Wally West, trying to steal their speed and transfer it to his followers
  6. The Flash: Danielle Panabaker talks Flashpoint Caitlin (Date: 05 Aug 2016)
    So, just how different is this Caitlin from the one we know? “Totally different,” Panabaker says. “All the relationships are very different.”  --- Debuts October 4th, 2016
  7. The Flash: Grant Gustin & Keiynan Lonsdale on DC All Access  (Date: 09 Aug 2016)
    * Grant Gustin: "In the same sense that he's forgetting a lot of memories, it means he's forgetting his powers too… It's like he's having a full 'Back to the Future' moment”
    * Grant Gustin: “his memories are starting to get replaced from the previous timeline with new memories...When he realizes those memories are replacing other memories, that's when he starts to realize how selfish of a decision this was”
    * Details and discussion on how Wally’s life with Joe is different.
  8. Supergirl: Merlin alum Katie McGrath cast as Lena Luthor (Date: 04 Aug 2016)
    * Beautiful, powerful, and enigmatic, Lena arrives in National City on the heels of brother Lex’s incarceration hoping for a fresh start.
    * Lena has taken over as CEO of her family’s billion-dollar-tech company, Luthor Corp, which has been tarnished by Lex’s evil infamy.
    * Her goal is to re-brand the Luthor Corp. empire as a force for good.
    BONUS: Set pics from @YVRshoots shows Lena Luthor in action
  9. Supergirl: Miss Martian and Mon-El announce! (Date: 11 Aug 2016)
    * As reported by Deadline, Sharon Leal will appear on the show as Miss Martian while Chris Wood will play Mon-El.
    * Sharon Leal previously appeared as Zuri Ellis in the NBC series "Grimm."
    * Chris Wood's character will be who emerges from the pod glimpsed in the "Supergirl" S1 finale.
    *  Mon-El is a character with powers similar to that of Supergirl and hails from the planet Daxam. In the comics, Mon-El has close ties with the Legion of Super-Heroes
  10. Supergirl: Deleted scenes and Bloopers from Season 1 (Date: 07 Aug 2016)
    Season one Blu Ray and DVD release this week, and the blooper reel and deleted scenes are online.
  11. Supergirl: More details emerge from the SDCC Supergirl press event  (Date: xx July 2016)
    * Melissa Benoist: "It feels like we're in an amazing company. It feels like we're where we should have been all along...the first three scripts I've read already feel more vibrant, exciting and rich.”
    * Mehcad Brooks (James Olsen): "It feels younger, it feels more vibrant. It's not a dig at CBS obviously”
    * David Harewood (Martian Manhunter): "I think maybe CBS -- I don't think it's their natural fit, and I think they were trying to do less of the alien superhero stuff, whereas on CW they want more of it,"
    * Sarah Schechter (Exec. Producer): “when you say 'metahuman' to someone at the CW, they know what you mean. I think it'll just be a lot of fun."
  12. LoT: First Look at the new Vixen on Legends of Tomorrow (Date: 11 Aug 2016)
    * first look at Mari McCabe's forerunner, Amaya Jiwe, the Vixen from the 1940s.
  13. LoT: Klemmer & Guggenheim talk Legends of Tomorrow at SDCC (Date: 05 Aug 2016)
    * Details of a round table interview just came out:
    * Klemmer: "Because we didn't do a pilot, it was like stepping on a moving train, and we didn't know where it was headed.”
    * Klemmer: “We really took our hiatus this year and took the show apart, and rebuilt it piece by piece. We're much more deliberate, just thinking about where is this going to take us,*
    * Guggenheim: “In Season 2, we've used the destruction of the Oculus and the Time Masters as a kicking off point for a brand new raison d'etre for the show and for the team. Now, they're more like time cops. They've got to do the job of the Time Masters.”
  14. LoT: Is Ray Palmer on Lian Yu??  (Date: 08 Aug 2016)
    * Brandon Routh tweeted a castaway pic with an EPIC island beard - Chris are you jealous of his awesome facial hair??
    * Says it’s actually not Lian Yu
  15. LoT: Sarah Grey from the Power Rangers movie cast as Star Girl (Date: 08 Aug 2016)
    Sarah Grey will portray Stargirl in a recurring role in Season 2.
    * Stargirl will be rounding out the Justice Society of America lineup, along with Hourman and Vixen and the still-uncast Dr. Mid-Nite and Obsidian.
    * Stargirl was created by Geoff Johns and debuted in 1999's "Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E." # 0.
    * She wields a cosmic staff that allows her to manipulate energy and fly.
  16. LoT: Marc Guggenheim talks Vixen and the JSA!  (Date: 05 Aug 2016)
    * We already know it won't be Mari McCabe - she'll be Amaya Jiwe, Mari's grandmother from the 1940s and a member of the Justice Society of America.
    * “You've got Captain Cold, who was a criminal and out for himself. He's replaced by Vixen, who is the definition of a superhero.”
    * She's a member of the JSA from the ‘40s, everything is prim and proper -- not stuck up, but she does things right. You have this team that doesn't do things right, they're a bunch of fuck-ups. So she's an interesting counterpoint."




  1. Funko releases Legends of Tomorrow Funko Pops!  (Date: 08 Aug 2016)
    * No announcement from Funko, but appeared as “Out of Stock” on the Hot Topic site
    * White Canary (Sara Lance), Ray Palmer A.T.O.M. and Firestorm (Jax)





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CW superhero show character to come out as gay

A character on The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, or DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will be coming out this season. “One of the characters on one of the shows...




Scott Mackie Barry and Joe's boss is already, Curtis is gay and Sara is bi-curious, isn't this a non-issue?

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Starling Tribune I agree -Michelle

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Scott Mackie .....good, just making sure, didn't want to come off like a dick about it, but I wish shows would handle it like Battlestar did, that it was just there and a part of life and not make a big deal about it....thats how you gain acceptance :)

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Starling Tribune And news came out that the lead of the new CW Seed show will be gay. This is good, but I hope one day this isn't news and we can focus on good characters.

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Promo for Next Week: Legends Of Tomorrow - “Last Refuge”



Episode:            “Last Refuge” [Season 1 Episode 12]

Air Date:           Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Summary:         The team is targeted by The Pilgrim, a deadly assassin who wants to erase them from the timeline by killing their younger selves. As a protective countermeasure, Rip decides that Sara, Snart, Rory, Professor Stein and Jax need to kidnap their past selves first before The Pilgrim gets to them. Coming face-to-face with the younger versions of themselves proves to be both a physical and emotional challenge for certain members of the team who would rather forget their past.

Director:           Rachel Talalay

Writers: Chris Fedak & Matthew Maala



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