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The Starling Tribune is a podcast dedicated to the CW's Arrow TV Show and the other DC Comics TV Shows on the CW channel as well as the DC Universe in general. Each week the reporters and their chief editor will get together to discuss the latest episode of the hit CW show Arrow. The Starling Tribune is a proud member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network found at

Aug 22, 2016

Starling Tribune - Season 4.5 Special Edition – Legends Of Tomorrow Last Refuge (A CW Network Arrow Television Show Fan Podcast)


The Official Arrow Podcast of the Gonna Geek Network


Episode:            “Last Refuge” [Season 1 Episode 12]

Air Date:           April 21st, 2016




Director:           Rachel Talalay
Late in the season the showrunners are breaking out a seasoned director, who has over 55 directing credits to her name, including an upcoming episode of BBC’s Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch in 2017


                        LoT: 1x Director
Other Director Credits: 1x Flash | 4x Doctor Who | 1x Reign | 1x Supernatural | 2x Haven | 4x Ally McBeal | 1x Boston Legal … the movie Tank Girl and many others!


Writers:             Chris Fedak
Chris is credited as Executive Producer for 15 episodes of Legends of Tomorrow, but this only his second writing credit, although is he credited with a couple “Story By” and “Teleplay By” later in the season.

                        Executive Producer credits: 15x EP LoT | 21x EP Forever | 27x EP Chuck |
Other Chuck credits: 91x “Created by” | 16x “Written by”


Matthew Maala
Well, they don’t get any greener than this folks - this is Matthew’s first and only writing credit so far … and, uh, he has a couple of other credits...

                        Legends of Tomorrow: 1x writer
Other credits: 1x Jessica Jones (Writer’s Assistant) | 5x The Mob Doctor (Assistant to Rob Wright - showrunner)


Weekly Ratings


Rating: Episode 11 - 1.78 (April 21st, 2016)

  • Down two-tenths of a point…  
  • Arrow: On break until April 27th the following week
  • The Flash:  April 19th - “Versus Zoom” (Ep.2.18) - 03 (Hunter Zolomon’s Back Story)
  • Supergirl: April 18th - “Better Angels” (Ep.1.20) - 11 (Season Finale)

Links for Other Shows


Episode # Episode Title Episode Air Date Rating
1 Pilot, Part 1 21-Jan-16 3.21
2 Pilot, Part 2 28-Jan-16 2.89
3 Blood Ties 4-Feb-16 2.32
4 White Knights 7-Feb-16 2.39
5 Fail-Safe 18-Feb-16 2.25
6 Star City 2046 25-Feb-16 2.47
7 Marooned 3-Mar-16 2.28
8 Night of the Hawk 10-Mar-16 2.01
9 Left Behind 31-Mar-16 1.97
10 Progeny 7-Apr-16 1.88
11 The Magnificent Eight 12-Apr-16 1.98
12 Last Refuge 21-Apr-16 1.78
13 Leviathan 28-Apr-16 1.86
14 River of Time 5-May-16 1.63
15 Destiny 12-May-16 1.89
16 Legendary 19-May-16 1.85

  • What was the overall theme for this episode / What was the link to the ep. name
    • “Last Refuge”
      • The home of Rip’s adoptive mother
    • Fight scenes & Stunts: Share your thoughts
      • Kendra and Sara spar
      • Pilgrim attacks police station (Another Terminator reference?)
        • paperwork on this attack?
        • Sara one-on-one with Pilgrim; +Mick steps in w/his gun
      • Ends with usual team fight; Pilgrim surprised by young Rip w/knife
        • Fun cgi with Pilgrim hit from all sides
      • Time Travel: Share your thoughts
        • Rip - kidnap younger selves to save them from Pilgrim, but...
        • If younger selves are left out of timeline too long, people will forget about them, and…
        • They really shouldn’t interact with younger selves because of paradox
          • Rip says this about Stein wanting to hold his baby-self, but Stein talked to Stein in the 1970s
          • What are the rules?
        • Amnesia pills are optional
        • Palmer’s injuries
      • Rip Hunter
        • His plan actually works!
        • His real name is Michael; he was taken by Time Masters when he was an orphan on the streets trying to survive
        • Offers self to Pilgrim. Without him, there is no team. Stein tries to remind all about how dangerous it is to remove a Time Master from the timeline, something Rip told him at the start of show
        • Rate The Captain on a scale of 1 (Captain Crunch) to 10 (Captain Picard)
      • Vandal Savage
        • Not in episode!
        • Mentioned at end because they remember their mission
      • The Atom - Ray Palmer
        • “Come with me if you want to live” - has always wanted to say that
        • Existential crisis - “Could I be dead and not know it?”
        • 2007 self gets beat up, bruises show up on present Ray
        • Asks Kendra to marry him. Then doubt drama. Then a “Yes.”
      • White Canary - Sara Lance
        • Fights Pilgrim
        • Spares with Kendra - tries to get Kendra to tell Ray the truth
        • 2007 self - take daughter to work day with Dad
        • Younger self is not a ninja
      • Hawkgirl - Kendra Saunders
        • Because of reincarnation powers, can’t be killed by Pilgrim (so Pilgrim can’t go back to Ancient Egypt before meteor hit? Of course, if she did, then there would be no show)
        • Relationship drama with Ray (snore), but agrees to marry Ray
      • Captain Cold - Leonard Snart
        • 1972, Central City - Baby Snart is adorable, but a handful
        • Keeps needling Rip because they don’t know about Rip’s past
      • Heatwave - Mick Rory
        • Younger self, 1990, Central City, is Pilgrim’s first target
        • Played with fire and killed family; didn’t wake them, ran instead
        • Younger self tells Mick he sounds like their father
        • Present Mick tells younger Mick that he was angry at him for something not in his control and tells him to be better than present Mick
      • Firestorm - Professor Martin Stein
        • 1950 - born in back of car
        • Surprised his father just gave him to strangers
        • Ignores the rules and gives Jefferson a chance to meet his father
      • Firestorm - Jefferson Jackson
        • Born in 1993 in Central City
        • Father died serving country; Jax never met father
        • Has a conversation in hospital; father says he is proud of his son
        • Jax doesn’t stop father
        • Pilgrim kidnaps father; after saved, Jax talks to father; tries to warn father
        • Did he change things? Rip does say that maybe time wants Jax to be with father
      • Waverider/Gideon
        • Helps track Pilgrim
        • When loses track of Pilgrim, Rip forms abduction plan
      • The Pilgrim
        • Cool Matrix-like powers
        • Has authority to kill anyone in order to save the timeline
        • Kidnaps team’s loved ones in order to get team to give themselves up
        • Has only one shot to kill them
      • Time Masters Council
        • Not the sort of folks you want to hang around the watercooler with
      • Mary Xavier (Rip Hunter’s “Mother”)
      • Captain Lance
        • In his golden age




Season 1 Episode 12 “Last Refuge” (Date: 22 Apr 2016)

  1. Obvious Ones: Cities mentioned - Star City, Central City, Hub City, Ivy Town; Appearances by Quentin Lance (Sara’s father), Lisa Snart/Golden Glider (Leonard’s sister, and Anna Loring (Ray’s fiancee. On Arrow, Anna was an attorney who worked for Oliver Queen’s mother, but in the comics, Jean Loring was Ray Palmer’s wife prior to her killing another superhero’s wife)
  2. Disappearing from History: The visual effects used to represent the man executed by the Time Masters at the start of the episode are the same ones used in last year’s finale for The Flash, when Eddie Thawne committed suicide in order to kill his descendant, Eobard/The Reverse Flash
  3. “Come with me if you want to live”: Line is from The Terminator. Booster Gold once made a similar remark during his time-travel adventures written by Legends executive producers Geoff Johns
  4. Marty McFly: Younger Rory is wearing a red vest/jean jacket outfit reminiscent of Marty McFly’s Back to the Future outfit.
  5. Arrow bits: “If he ever lost me…” young Sara says of her father. Date of Ray’s attack is December 19, 2014, and Arrow was on hiatus at that time
  6. Fruit Brute: Fruit Brute is one of the “monster” cereals like Count Chocula and Frankenberry. The fact that Rip has a collection of vintage cereals makes total sense because in the Booster Gold comics, we were told once that Rip has a fridge full of vintage Coca Cola
  7. Ma Hunkel: Ma Hunkel’s Red Tornado is seen in Rip’s time lab
  8. Rip Hunter’s Mother: In the comics, we never learn the name of Rip’s mother, so as to not lock his father, Booster Gold, into a future relationship
  9. Michael?: Rip Hunter’s father in the comics is Michael Jon Carter, aka Booster Gold, so the name “Michael” might be a nod to his comic book parentage.




  1. Where Team Arrow Stands when Season 5 Begins  (Date: 16 Aug 2016)
    IGN: Executive producers Wendy Mericle & Marc Guggenheim preview what’s ahead:
    *Season 5 deals with legacy, it deals with the past. The challenge for Oliver this year is how do you evolve and move forward when the past keeps grabbing at you, trying to pull you back. Oliver: building team with Felicity, Curtis (who is going to become Mr. Terrific), and newcomers Evelyn Sharp and Wild Dog while trying to be mayor. Tries to optimistic, but forces will try to pull him into the darkness. Relationship with Felicity should be closer to what it was during season 1.                         * Diggle: He is to have his own story in the army trying to get his morality back.                     
    * Thea: Going to be Oliver’s chief of staff and is good at it.
  2. Stephen Amell was kicked in the face during and Arrow fight scene, see the picture (Date: 15 Aug 2016)
    * CinemaBlend: Stephen Amell posted a photo on his Facebook page showing the results of him taking a foot to the face during shooting a fight scene. Stephen is fine, just has a tissue up his nose and some swelling.
    1. Was Hayley Atwell around? ~SP
  3. Producers confirm flashbacks continue after S05, but will change (Date: 11 Aug 2016)
    * after producers told the TCAs that Arrow would ditch the flashbacks after S05, showrunner Marc Guggenheim told IGN that it isn't quite that simple.
    * “in Season 6, what we'll end up doing is we'll do some episodes without any sort of flashbacks. We've also established over the four seasons that we can do flashback stories that don't involve the island narrative”
    * "We still want to make that part of our storytelling, because we do like them. We like when those non-island flashbacks sort of illuminate what's going on in the present day,"
    1. Can it really be Arrow with a Flashback/Flashforward? ~SP
    2. Daredevil and Game Of Thrones series name drop by showrunner Wendy Mericle ~SP
  4. Arrow meets Legends meets Flash meets Supergirl: A Crossover Supercut! (Date: 16 Aug 2016)
    *TV Line presents a montage of meet-ups between the characters of Arrow, The Flash, Legends, and Supergirl. Also news of the release of the latest seasons on DVD/Blu-ray: Supergirl season 1 is out now, Legends season 1 releases Aug. 23, Arrow season 4 releases Aug 30, and The Flash season 2 releases Sept. 6  
  5. Could we get more Tommy with Flashpoint?? (Date: 14 Aug 2016)
    * Colin Donnell did an interview with TV Line
    * “I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to about the possibility and how it could possibly happen. It’s not out of the realm of possibility.”
    * Neil comment: I hate to bring this up… but does anybody still care? That was Season 1?! I mean I like the guy but I think we’ve moved on?
    1. If John Barrowman ever has to leave the series I could see them brining Tommy back. But I doubt that will happen through season 7 (Stephen Amell is on contract through season 7, right? ~SP
  6. No Immediate Plans for Roy to Return (Date: 17 Aug 2016)
    * This follows up on a news article from prior weeks where Colton Haynes was spotted on the set of Arrow, which kick started speculation that he was returning to the series
    * In a TVLine interview Wendy Mericle stated that Colton Haynes was just visiting the set and was not scheduled to appear
    * Colton is busy filming Scream Queens

    1. Colton, you are always welcome back to Arrow from the fans on Starling Tribune. ~SP




  1. Legends: Legends of Tomorrow Season 2: Arthur Darvill and Maisie Richardson-Sellers Interview  (Date: 16 Aug 2016)
    * (Showbiz Junkies). Arthur Darvill (Rip Hunter) and Maisie Richardson-Sellers (Vixen/Amaya Jiwe) discuss season two. Both promise a little conflict in the team because everyone has a similar goal, but they have their own way of doing things and that there will be good fights.
    1. I’d love to see Arthur Darvil rate Captain Rip Hunter each episode on a scale of 1-10. ~SP
  2. Opinion: How the CW’s DC universe became one of TV’s most inclusive (Date:16 Aug 2016)
    *Not really news, but is a good look at how Greg Berlanti’s DC comic book shows for the CW are building a universe populated with characters who have been casts as African-American even though the characters are white in the comics (Iris West, Jimmy Olson) and who are LGBT (Sara, Nyssa, Curtis)
  3. Legends: Legends of Tomorrow Season 2: EP Subtly confirms Matt Ryan’s John Constantine cameo (Date: 15 Aug 2016)
    * Movie News Guide: Legends executive producer Phil Klemmer subtly confirmed Matt Ryan’s appearance in a recent interview, telling Zap2it, “If this show goes as many seasons as I hope it does, it would be a crime for him not to appear in our universe.” A photo on Marc Guggenheim’s twitter shows a table read with an actor’s face blurred out.
    ...BUT does this article from a couple days before contradict it with a quote from Greg Berlanti?
    * The takeaway is that I guess they’re doing a pretty good job keeping us guessing at this point
  4. Legends: Guggenheim tweets pic of Samurai ATOM suit (Date: 18 Aug 2016)
    * Ray is riding a horse in the ATOM suit with a samurai helmet
    * Guggenheim’s tweet was “Legends of Tomorrow: This show is insane...”
  5. Legends: Lance Henricksen cast as Obsidian  (Date: 11 Aug 2016)
    * Late news out of the TCAs that week that didn’t make it into our news rundown
    * Henriksen joins the ranks of the Justice Society of America, which already includes Patrick J. Adams as Hourman, Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Vixen, Matthew MacCaull as Commander Steel and Sarah Grey as Star Girl.
    * The son of the Golden Age Green Lantern, Obsidian was introduced in 1983's "All-Star Squadron" #25, and joined a modern incarnation of the Justice Society in 2007. He can merge with his own shadow, allowing him to fly and pass through solid objects, and possess the shadows of others.
    * Henriksen's lengthy list of film and television credits is dotted with memorable sci-fi and horror roles, from "The Terminator" and the "Alien" franchise to "Near Dark" and "Millennium."
  6. Flash: Grant Gustin spills the beans on a little Easter Egg  (Date: 18 Aug 2016)
    * Grant Gustin admits that the cast and crew have snuck a rubber duckie into every scene in the police station… because why not.
  7. Flash: Barry’s heading to Gorilla Island! (Date: 11 Aug 2016)
    * Two part episode with the return of Grodd Confirmed (late news out of the TCAs last week)
    * At the end of his S02 episode, Grodd was transported to Earth-2 and abandoned in Gorilla City, a setting from the DC Comics Universe.
    * Unless Grodd somehow finds his way back to Earth-1 and finds its version of Gorilla City, it seems likely that the two-episode mini-arc will take place on Earth-2
  8. Flash: Producer explains how S03 Dark Speedster is ‘not at all’ like the dark speedster villains from S01 and S02 who wanted to steal Barry’s Speed (Date: 17 Aug 2016)
    * Todd Helbing (Executive Producer) gave an interview to IGN
    * “If you have another speedster, like Zoom, or Reverse Flash, you need somebody on an equal level to provide that threat”
    * “Savitar is more of a psychological villain in a weird way”
    * “Everything about this guy is different. I can't go into super detail, but he's not like Zoom or Reverse Flash”
  9. Supergirl: Kevin Smith says something and the media covers it (hehe) (Date: 18 Aug 2016)
    * Actually, there’s a cool linkage to the old superman script titles “Superman Lives” he wrote
    * Kevin Smith announced that the title of the Supergirl episode he’s directing is “Supergirl Lives” thanks to Andy Kriesberg
    * Actually a pretty cool quote from Kevin Smith in the article...
  10. Supergirl: Discussion on whether the Legion of Superheroes will join the DC TV Universe (Date: 13 Aug 2016)
    * We’ve seen Legion flight rings in both Flash (Speed Force Flashbacks) and Supergirl (in the Fortress of Solitude)
    * Mon-El is linked with the Legion of Superheroes, so there’s a natural linkage
    * Other Supergirl characters have ties
    * long discussion article
  11. Supergirl: Project Cadmus set to be S02 “Big Bad”  (Date: 12 Aug 2016)
    * Exec Producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed that Project Cadmus is the "big bad" of at least the first half of the season
    * "It's dedicated to eradicating alien life on Earth. They're fanatics. They're true believers,"
    * in the comics and Young Justice, Project Cadmus has taken an interest in Kryptonians before as the creators of Superboy, a partial-clone of Superman




  1. New Form Factor from #Funko: Pint Size Heroes! (Date: 16 Aug 2016)
    Funko is introducing a new line of collectible vinyl figures - Pint Size Heroes! Taken favorite parts of Pop! and Dorbz and made them into an even smaller package - and all at a new low price! The first series will focus on the Batman universe - Batman, Robin, Catwoman, etc. Figures are 1.5” tall. Check out GameStop and Hot Topic for special exclusive characters. Start your collection in September!
  2. DC Comic’s Rebirth dominates July’s top 20 sales positions (Date: 15 Aug 2016)
    CBR: Scroll down and look at the charts - DC is the top publisher, and 18 of the top 20 comics are from DC. The other two are from Marvel - Civil War II
  3. Green Arrow (Rebirth) Issue #5 dropped this week (Date: 18 Aug 2016)
    * “The Death and Life of Oliver Queen” part five! It’s Green Arrow and Black Canary versus Shado and the Ninth Circle in the belly of the Inferno.
    * Ends the first arc
    * Written by Benjamin Percy
    * Pencils, Inks, Colours and Cover by Juan E. Ferreyra
  4. Toy News International Does a review of the new Arrow S03 figures (Date: 17 Aug 2016)
    7" Season 3 Arrow & Laurel Lance Black Canary Figures from DC Collectibles.
    * Basic figures, but if you’re a hardcore fan…



Promo for Next Week: Legends Of Tomorrow - “Leviathan”




Episode:            “Leviathan” [Season 1 Episode 13]

Air Date:           Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Summary:         Rip takes the team to London in the year 2166, three days before his family is killed. He believes this to be their final opportunity to take out Savage who is, unfortunately, at the height of his power. However, the team discovers two key elements to defeating him - Savage's daughter and the means to kill Savage once and for all.

Director:           Gregory Smith

Writers: Sarah Nicole Jones and Ray Utarnachitt



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