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The Starling Tribune: An Unofficial Arrow TV Show Fan Podcast

The Starling Tribune is a podcast dedicated to the CW's Arrow TV Show and the other DC Comics TV Shows on the CW channel as well as the DC Universe in general. Each week the reporters and their chief editor will get together to discuss the latest episode of the hit CW show Arrow. The Starling Tribune is a proud member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network found at

Feb 29, 2016

Starling Tribune - Season 4 Edition – Episode 15: Taken (A CW Network Arrow Television Show Fan Podcast)


The Official Arrow Podcast of the Gonna Geek Network


As Arrow reaching the mid-Spring-Break-season finale, the Reporters have a ton to talk about including:

- William Kidnapping not as catastrophic as SP feared

- Samantha Clayton still lives (for now) (#AnnaHopkinsForCaptainMarvel)

- Role of parents in the Arrow Universe

- Speedy is done with DaddyMalcolm

- Fights on screen are as good as ever

- Diggle was cool on snipper duty

- Magically Dramatic Rain effect


- Damian Lost His Powers!

- Vixen was great, which animal totem was the best?

- Conklin is back?

- We get our Arrow Cave

- Samantha Clayton knows who The Flash is now – way to go Oliver and Vixen

- Was Oliver at fault for Felicity’s break-up?

- At this time Damian doesn’t know that the Green Arrow is Oliver!


This week brings the reporters to total confusion on “Who’s In The Grave.” The reporters wrap up the episode with a list of Easter Eggs, Arrow News, Feedback and comments from the chat. Thank you for downloading and listening!



Episode:            “Taken” [Season 4 Episode 15]

Air Date:           Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Director:           Gregory Smith 2ep Arrow | 2ep LoT | 4ep Saving Hope | 5ep Rookie Blue

Story:   Marc Guggenheim

Teleplay:           Keto Shimizu: 23ep Exec-Story Ed. | 11ep Writer | 6ep Vixen writer | Being human, The Cape...

            Brian Ford Sullivan: 6ep Writer | 4ep Teleplay | 6ep Vixen

IMDB Link:




Season 4 Episode 15 “Taken” Easter Eggs (Date: 25 Feb 2016)


  1. Taken - name of the Liam Neeson Series of movies
  2. Olympics - Meh, not a DC easter egg.
  3. William - Meh, not a DC easter egg.
  4. Time Travel Deja vu - lines Felicity said were repeated from the Flash Episode
  5. Constantine in Hell - Lots of Hellblazer storylines with Constantine in hell
  6. Vixen - pretty obvious - we discussed her DC “Roots” last week (no pun intended, ok, it was)
  7. “Animated Encounter” - reference to the Vixen animated series on CW Seed
  8. “I had that under control” - repeated line in CW Arrowverse
  9. “Don’t you dare tell Barry about this” - Vixen outs Barry’s secret identity
  10. News 52 mic flag again
  11. Reference to “an army of little Olivers” - Connor Hawke?
  12. Nelson Plaza - reference to DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson
  13. Den Of Geek is keeping a running tally of Season 4 Easter Eggs (Date: xx Nov 2015)
  14. Article:




TV Line’s Who’s In The Grave Summary - Updated (Date: 23 Feb 2016)

I would updated it again given that last night Baby Momma and William go away...



SPOILER: Marc Guggenheim on Olicity (Date: 25 Feb 2016)

Marc Guggenheim commented on the Oliver & Felicity wedding picture - not a hoax or fake-out



Stephen Amell introduces Madison McLaughlin as <redacted> (Date: 25 Feb 2016)

Character not disclosed, episode not disclosed. Looks like they’re planning something...

IMDB:  With credits on Supernatural & The Mentalist



Stephen Amell would love to do an episode of Supergirl (Date: 25 Feb 2016)

Talks about how he loves representing the DC TV universe and would love to film in LA (at home)



Stephen Amell shares close-up of “Old-Man Arrow” on LoT (Date: 25 Feb 2016)

Nice close up shot of an of aged Oliver Queen. Solid LoT makeup department.



Concept Art!! Vixen’s Costume (Arrow) and Ollie cyber-arm (LoT) (Date: 23 Feb 2016)

Interesting detail of costume and amulet. Very Cool concept art for Ollie’s arm.




SPOILER: Legends of Tomorrow: Deathstroke 2046 Revealed as… (Date: 25 Feb 2016)

Grant Wilson, son of Slade Wilson, who was the original Ravager, hired by HIVE to take out T.Titans





Cast for the New DC Show “Powerless” Announced (Date: 23 Feb 2016)

Alan Tudyk from Firefly and Danny Pudi from Community :)



R-Rated Director's Edition of Batman V. Superman DoJ (Date: 25 Feb 2016)

Notes: SP & Chris will share their thoughts on this





TV Line interviews Emily Bett Rickards  (Date: 23 Feb 2016)

Notes: Fan theory at the end - Ghost Felicity in the car



IGN Interviews Stephen Amell  (Date: 23 Feb 2016)

Notes: Stephen Amell - superhero costumes on set don’t fit perfectly for action the first time



Megalyn E.K. interviewed by (Date: 25 Feb 2016)

Notes: didn’t know about live action until early Jan. Possibility for a Flash appearance, first DC character from a real city vs. a fictional one.



Megalyn E.K. interviewed by CBR  (Date: 24 Feb 2016)

Notes: Really excited to be first woman DC Black live action super hero. Was open to “pixie-cut” hair. Discusses making the move from voice-acting to real life, and background as a dancer IRL.



Wendy Mericle talks about Megalyn E.K. in Vixen preview clip (Date: 24 Feb 2016)






Multimedia: DC All Access App Released (Date: 25 Feb 2016)

Note: this is potentially a big deal.. There has been no DC presence in digital comics outside Comixology, including no digital copies of books like Marvel



Toys: Funko announces new DC Pops! (Can you say Boob Window) (Date: 23 Feb 2016)

New Pop Funkos of Firestorm (classic), Supergirl, Powergirl, Black Manta, Cyborg



Comics: Dark Archer Issue #4 (Direct to Digital) (Date: 24 Feb 2016)

Synopsis: After Merlyn's captor is revealed, Malcolm begins his confession…



Comics: Suicide Squad Most Wanted: Deadshot & Katana Issue #2 (Date: 24 Feb 2016)

Synopsis: Katana has done her best to prepare her Markovian friends for Kobra’s occupation, and now it’s time to search for Doctor Jace. Finding her way through a mountain pass full of Kobra’s Blackadder troops proves to be a bigger challenge than she expected-especially when she cannot go it alone! *Meanwhile, Deadshot abandons his post with the Suicide Squad to deal with some long overdue family business. Will Floyd finish the job before Amanda Waller detonates his nano-bomb?





Voicemail – Black Adam



Part 2a:

Episode:            “Broken Hearts” [Season 4 Episode 16]


Air Date:           Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Director:           John F. Showalter 1st ep Arrow | 1ep LoT | 3ep Flash | 15ep Supernatural | 1ep Supergirl

                                         1ep Forever | 3ep The100 | 1ep Constantine | 3ep Revolution | 1ep Alphas

                                         10ep Mentalist | 1ep Sleepy Hollow | 1ep Nikita

Writers: Rebecca Bellotto: 1st ep Arrow. |  Relative newcomer to the scene from misc production staff

            Nolan Dunbar: 1st ep Arrow | 1 other writing credit, but a bunch of Asst. Director

Synopsis:          No synopsis has been made available yet.

IMDB Link:



Part 2b: Starling Tribune Hiatus Plan

No new episode next week, so instead we’re going to take a look at...

Arrow Season 2.5

Writers:             Marc Guggenheim, Keto Shimizu, Brian Ford Sullivan

Artists: Joe Bennett, Szymon Kudranski, Craig Yeung

Release Date:    (Digital) Sep 1, 2014 | (Collected) Oct 2015



Hollywood Reporter:


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This podcast was recorded Thursday February 18th, 2016.


Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoyed the show!