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Jun 29, 2017

Season 5.5 Edition – Legends Of Tomorrow The Legion of Doom (A CW Network Arrow Television Show Fan Podcast) ST159


Episode:            “The Legion of Doom” [Season 2 Episode 10]

Air Date:           Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Director:           Eric Laneuville


                        1x Agents of Shield | 1x Legends | 7x Grimm | 1x Warehouse 13 | 5x Lost

Writers: Phil Klemmer


                        8x Legends | 3x Tomorrow People | 12x Chuck | 12x Veronica Mars

Marc Guggenheim


                        Executive producer of Arrow and Legends | 8x Legends



CW Weekly Ratings (2016-2017 Television Season)



Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 Legacy 5-Oct-16 1.89

02 The Recruits 12-Oct-16 1.94

03 A Matter Of Trust 19-Oct-16 1.79

04 Penance 26-Oct-16 1.87

05 Human Target 2-Nov-16 1.61

06 So It Begins 9-Nov-16 1.95

07 Vigilante 16-Nov-16 1.86

08 Invasion 30-Nov-16 3.55

09 What We Leave Behind 7-Dec-16 1.94

10 Who Are You 25-Jan-17 1.68

11 Second Chances 1-Feb-17 1.91

12 Bratva 8-Feb-17 1.61

13 Spectre Of The Gun 15-Feb-17 1.66

14 The Sin-Eater 22-Feb-17 1.54

15 Fighting Fire with Fire 1-Mar-17 1.60

16 Checkmate 15-Mar-17 1.53

17 Kapiushon 22-Mar-17 1.38

18 Disbanded 29-Mar-17 1.55

19 Dangerous Liaisons 26-Apr-17

20 Underneath 3-May-17

21 Honor Thy Fathers 10-May-17

22 Missing 17-May-17

23 Lian Yu 24-May-17


Legends Of Tomorrow

Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 Out Of Time 13-Oct-2016 3.01

02 Justice Society of America 20-Oct-2016 2.83

03 Shogun 27-Oct-2016 2.71

04 Abominations 3-Nov-2016 1.75

05 Compromised 10-Nov-2016 1.77

06 Outlaw Country 17-Nov-2016 1.85

07 Invasion 1-Dec-2016 3.39

08 The Chicago Way 8-Dec-2016 2.00

09 Raiders Of The Lost Art 24-Jan-2016 1.74

10 The Legion Of Doom 31-Jan-2017 1.78

11 Turncoat 7-Feb-17 1.89

12 Camelot/3000 21-Feb-17 1.64

13 Land Of The Lost 7-Mar-17 1.54

14 Moonshoot 14-Mar-17 1.34

15 Fellowship of the Spear 21-Mar-17 1.72

16 Doomworld 28-Mar-17 1.59

17 Aruba 4-Apr-17 1.52



Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 The Adventures of Supergirl 10-Oct-16 3.06

02 The Last Children of Krypton 17-Oct-16 2.66

03 Welcome to Earth 24-Oct-16 2.65

04 Survivors 31-Oct-16 2.22

05 Crossfire 7-Nov-16 2.47

06 Changing 14-Nov-16 2.35

07 The Darkest Place 21-Nov-16 2.61

08 Medusa 28-Nov-16 3.53

09 Supergirl Lives 23-Jan-17 2.65

10 We Can Be Heroes 30-Jan-17 2.35

11 The Martian Chronicles 6-Feb-17 2.4

12 Luthors 13-Feb-17 2.52

13 Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk 20-Feb-17 2.24

14 Homecoming 27-Feb-17 2.17

15 Exodus 6-Mar-17 2.16

16 Star-Crossed 20-Mar-17 2.07

17 Distant Sun 27-Mar-17 2.21

18 Ace Reporter 24-Apr-17



Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 Flashpoint 4-Oct-16 3.17

02 Paradox 11-Oct-16 2.80

03 Magenta 18-Oct-16 2.67

04 The New Rogues 25-Oct-16 2.80

05 Monster 1-Nov-16 2.77

06 Shade 15-Nov-16 3.01

07 Killer Frost 22-Nov-16 2.95

08 Invasion! 29-Nov-16 4.15

09 The Present 6-Dec-16 3.14

10 Borrowing Problems From The Future 24-Jan-17 2.68

11 Dead Or Alive 31-Jan-17 3.06

12 Untouchable 7-Feb-17 2.94

13 Attack on Gorilla City 21-Feb-17 2.78

14 Attack On Central City 28-Feb-17 2.87

15 The Wrath of Savitar 7-Mar-17 2.52

16 Into The Speed Force 14-Mar-17 2.39

17 Duet 21-Mar-17 2.71

18 Abra Kadabra 28-Mar-17 2.39

19 The Once And Future Flash 25-Apr-17

20 I Know Who You Are 2-May-17


  • What was the overall theme for this episode? What was the link to the episodes name?
    • Damian VO - murder by Oliver Queen
    • Story of inner workings of Legion of Doom
  • Fight scenes and stunts
    • Shootout at bank
    • Malcolm and Damian settle disagreement League style - sword fight, fist fight, knife fight
  • Time travel
    • 8 months ago
      • Darhk and Thawne recruit Malcolm, who has fallen on hard times
    • 2025 - Zurich
      • Rip’s safety box
    • 2017 - Central City
      • Stein and Jax
      • Lily - figures out how to read the artifact
    • 1776 - New Jersey -Christmas Day
      • Rip shoots General George Washington
    • Sara Lance / White Canary
      • Bringing Lily on board could cause aberrations
      • Why does a speedster need the Spear if can go back in time?
    • Ray Palmer / The Atom
      • Helps Lily
    • Mick Rory / Heat Wave
      • Fake food for a fake person
      • Tells Lily she’s an aberration
    • Martin Stein / Firestorm
      • Don’t tell Lily she’s an aberration
      • Has to tell Lily she’s an aberration
      • Whose reality is valid?
      • Feared he would be like his dad
      • Remembers what happened to Eobard Thawne, who’s protected by Speed Force
      • Wrong for not wanting kids; time gives us what we need
      • Lily laughs when he tells her he’s Firestorm
    • Jefferson Jackson / Firestorm
      • Tell Lily how you feel; be a good dad
    • Nate Heywood / Steel
      • Tries to figure out with Sara and Vixen why speedster needs Spear
      • Speedster doesn’t exist
      • Speedster running from time so non-existence doesn’t catch up with him
    • Amaya Jiwe / Vixen
      • We have to identify the speedster
    • Rip Hunter
      • Mind is locked
      • Whiney
      • What access code?
      • Reminds Malcolm and Damien that they are henchmen, and Thawne wants them to fight
      • Frees self, but tied back up by Thawne
    • Gideon
      • Hey, can we discuss this before hook up artifact? Nope.
      • AI can’t die
      • Maker of champagne and beer (food fabricator)
    • Legion of Doom - bicker, bicker, bicker
      • Two League members vs. a Speedster
      • Malcolm and Damien go back to bank on own - killing and using torture
      • Find Rip’s memories
      • Malcolm and Damian trap Thawne; force equal partnership; realize Thawne will be OK if he doesn’t run
      • Together, trap Black Flash
      • Eobard Thawne / Reverse-Flash
        • Leads by threatening team
        • Has to admit he needs team because being hunted; thing senses speed force
        • Edits Rip’s memories to make him evil
      • Damien Darhk
        • Not pleased Thawne treats him like a henchmen, who all end up dead
        • Really likes torture
        • Plan - charge in and cause bloodbath - gets to kill everyone
        • You used to lead League, Malcolm
      • Malcolm Merlyn
        • “The Magician”
        • Talks way to get Thawne not to kill him
        • Plan needs to be subtle - plan fails
        • What is Thawne hiding
        • I saw how pathetic you are, Damian
      • Justice Society of America
        • Rex Tyler/Hourman -
        • Obsidian -
        • Commander Steel -
        • Mid-Nite -
        • Stargirl -



  1. Spoiler Room: Scoop on Pretty Little Liars, Arrow, Chicago Fire, and more (Date: 23 June 2017)
    1. Do you know who survived the explosion on Arrow? —
      EP Marc Guggenheim cautions not to feel safe in the assumption that most of the core characters will definitely survive because they’re expected to return next season. “I know everyone is trying to determine who survives, who dies, what is the result of the cliffhanger based upon people’s contractual status, and I would say that’s not necessarily a good idea,” he says. “The example I like to point to is that was true in Walking Dead. They had a season finale similar where you had a group of characters, all of whom were series regulars, in a dire situation at the end of their season. Just because they were series regulars did not mean that everyone came out of that cliffhanger alive.”
  2. Arrow: Black Canary Memorial Revealed in Season 6 Concept Art (Date: 23 June 2017)
    1. The Black Canary memorial seen in the piece above mirrors a similar scene from the opening of Season 5. Around this time last year, Guggenheim unveiled artwork of a bronze statue of Laurel in costume. This appeared in the first half of Season 5, until Black Siren destroyed it with her sonic scream. The Black Canary memorial seen in the piece above mirrors a similar scene from the opening of Season 5. Around this time last year, Guggenheim unveiled artwork of a bronze statue of Laurel in costume. This appeared in the first half of Season 5, until Black Siren destroyed it with her sonic scream.


  1. Arrow’s Colton Haynes Joins American Horror Story (Date: 21 June 2017)
    1. American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy announced on Instagram that Arrow and Teen Wolf alum Colton Haynes has joined the upcoming seventh season of the hit anthology horror series.



  1. Spoiler Room: Scoop on Pretty Little Liars, Arrow, Chicago Fire, and more (Date: 23 June 2017)
    1. What do you have on Legends of Tomorrow season 3? —
      The Legends of Tomorrow will find themselves facing off against Rip Hunter (and his new Time Bureau) once again next season, but it will be very different from what we saw last year. “In season 2, he was turned evil,” EP Marc Guggenheim says. “This is not Evil Rip. We’re not making Rip a bad guy or that kind of villain, rather this is Rip as… the Ronny Cox in Beverly Hills Cop to our Eddie Murphy. He’s the guy who’s trying to do things the proper way, follow the rules, get things done with a certain level of efficiency, and here come our Legends of Tomorrow, who go about things a bit more unorthodox.”
  2. Supergirl Adds Two New Showrunners; Ali Adler Departs (Date 16 June 2017)
    1. Supergirl just underwent a behind-the-scenes change-up. Deadline reports that co-creator Ali Adler has stepped down from her role as showrunner, per her overall deal at CBS TV studios. In her place, both Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner will be promoted to executive producer. Queller and Rovner have been part of Supergirl since the show’s first season. Queller joined mid-way through Season 1 as co-executive producer; Rovner, on the other hand, boarded as consulting producer and was later promoted to executive producer for Season 2. Both will act as showrunners for Season 3. They join fellow executive producers Andrew Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter.




Link to Promo: (Date: 01 Feb 2017)


Episode: “Turncoat” [Season 2 Episode 11]

Air Date: Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Summary: The Legends travel to the winter of 1776 to protect George Washington during the American Revolution, but Sara is forced to send out Nate and Amaya when things don't go as planned.

Director: Alice Troughton

Writers: Grainne Godfree and Matthew Maala


IMDB link:

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