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Aug 3, 2017

Season 5.5 Edition – Legends Of Tomorrow Land of the Lost (A CW Network Arrow Television Show Fan Podcast) ST162

Episode: “Land of the Lost” [Season 2 Episode 13]
Air Date: Tuesday, March 7, 2017
Director: Ralph Hemecker
25x Once Upon a Time | 2x Legends | 5x Flash | 1x Vampire Diaries | 1x X-Files

Writers: Keto Shimizu
5x Legends | 11x Arrow | 1x Flash | 3x Being Human | 7x The Cape

Ray Utarnachitt
6x Legends | 1x Flash | 4 Tomorrow People | 2x Person of Interest


Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date / Rating
01 Legacy 5-Oct-16 1.89
02 The Recruits 12-Oct-16 1.94
03 A Matter Of Trust 19-Oct-16 1.79
04 Penance 26-Oct-16 1.87
05 Human Target 2-Nov-16 1.61
06 So It Begins 9-Nov-16 1.95
07 Vigilante 16-Nov-16 1.86
08 Invasion 30-Nov-16 3.55
09 What We Leave Behind 7-Dec-16 1.94
10 Who Are You 25-Jan-17 1.68
11 Second Chances 1-Feb-17 1.91
12 Bratva 8-Feb-17 1.61
13 Spectre Of The Gun 15-Feb-17 1.66
14 The Sin-Eater 22-Feb-17 1.54
15 Fighting Fire with Fire 1-Mar-17 1.60
16 Checkmate 15-Mar-17 1.53
17 Kapiushon 22-Mar-17 1.38
18 Disbanded 29-Mar-17 1.55
19 Dangerous Liaisons 26-Apr-17
20 Underneath 3-May-17
21 Honor Thy Fathers 10-May-17
22 Missing 17-May-17
23 Lian Yu 24-May-17

Legends Of Tomorrow
Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date / Rating
01 Out Of Time 13-Oct-2016 3.01
02 Justice Society of America 20-Oct-2016 2.83
03 Shogun 27-Oct-2016 2.71
04 Abominations 3-Nov-2016 1.75
05 Compromised 10-Nov-2016 1.77
06 Outlaw Country 17-Nov-2016 1.85
07 Invasion 1-Dec-2016 3.39
08 The Chicago Way 8-Dec-2016 2.00
09 Raiders Of The Lost Art 24-Jan-2016 1.74
10 The Legion Of Doom 31-Jan-2017 1.78
11 Turncoat 7-Feb-17 1.89
12 Camelot/3000 21-Feb-17 1.64
13 Land Of The Lost 7-Mar-17 1.54
14 Moonshoot 14-Mar-17 1.34
15 Fellowship of the Spear 21-Mar-17 1.72
16 Doomworld 28-Mar-17 1.59
17 Aruba 4-Apr-17 1.52

Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date / Rating
01 The Adventures of Supergirl 10-Oct-16 3.06
02 The Last Children of Krypton 17-Oct-16 2.66
03 Welcome to Earth 24-Oct-16 2.65
04 Survivors 31-Oct-16 2.22
05 Crossfire 7-Nov-16 2.47
06 Changing 14-Nov-16 2.35
07 The Darkest Place 21-Nov-16 2.61
08 Medusa 28-Nov-16 3.53
09 Supergirl Lives 23-Jan-17 2.65
10 We Can Be Heroes 30-Jan-17 2.35
11 The Martian Chronicles 6-Feb-17 2.4
12 Luthors 13-Feb-17 2.52
13 Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk 20-Feb-17 2.24
14 Homecoming 27-Feb-17 2.17
15 Exodus 6-Mar-17 2.16
16 Star-Crossed 20-Mar-17 2.07
17 Distant Sun 27-Mar-17 2.21
18 Ace Reporter 24-Apr-17

Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date / Rating
01 Flashpoint 4-Oct-16 3.17
02 Paradox 11-Oct-16 2.80
03 Magenta 18-Oct-16 2.67
04 The New Rogues 25-Oct-16 2.80
05 Monster 1-Nov-16 2.77
06 Shade 15-Nov-16 3.01
07 Killer Frost 22-Nov-16 2.95
08 Invasion! 29-Nov-16 4.15
09 The Present 6-Dec-16 3.14
10 Borrowing Problems From The Future 24-Jan-17 2.68
11 Dead Or Alive 31-Jan-17 3.06
12 Untouchable 7-Feb-17 2.94
13 Attack on Gorilla City 21-Feb-17 2.78
14 Attack On Central City 28-Feb-17 2.87
15 The Wrath of Savitar 7-Mar-17 2.52
16 Into The Speed Force 14-Mar-17 2.39
17 Duet 21-Mar-17 2.71
18 Abra Kadabra 28-Mar-17 2.39
19 The Once And Future Flash 25-Apr-17
20 I Know Who You Are 2-May-17

• What was the overall theme for this episode? What was the link to the episodes name?
o Cretaceous Period - time of Dinosaurs
o Rip was lost in his own mind
• Fight scenes and stunts
o Sara-on-Sara fight
 Equal match; Jaz shoots
o Sara v. “Ray” and “Mick”
 Hallway fight; bracelet destroyed
o Jax v. Firestorm; Sara v. Sara
 Sara kicks fake Sara’s neck
 Jax opens cargo door to get rid of Firestorm
o Rip takes care of “evil” team
• Time travel
o Cretaceous Period - 69,997,983 million years ago
 Crash
 Ray’s destination from Rip’s time scatter
 Ray’s home for 6 months
o 1970 - NASA
 Apollo 13 - Thawne
• Sara Lance / White Canary
o Goes into Rip’s head
o Finds Gideon hot
o Rate her as a Captain:
• Ray Palmer / The Atom
o A little happy to be back
o Search for time delineator
o Gertrude - Ray ate one of her eggs
o Ray made team action figures
o Warns Nate about Amaya’s future
• Mick Rory / Heat Wave
o Reminds others that Time Masters entered his head
o Beer
o I had a partner too; treat Jax like a partner, Professor
o Liked Evil Rip
• Martin Stein / Firestorm
o Operates cognitive intrusion
o Push red button; electric shock
o Faith in Jax
• Jefferson Jackson / Firestorm
o Shut down ship to reboot
o Chief Engineer
o Goes into Rip’s head
o Finds Gideon
o Shocks Sara
• Nate Heywood / Steel
o Worried about grandfather
o Could he end up with Amaya and be the father of her kids?
• Amaya Jiwe / Vixen
o Communes with all animals
o Flirts with Nate
o Becomes T-Rex and communes with Gertrude
• Rip Hunter
o Of course he has secret commands
o Destroys medallion
o Cognitive intrusion
o Mind is his ship
 Demons from past
 Defense - Sara; “evil” versions of team
 Rip in corner of brig
 Has “powers”
 Sara gets Rip going
 Doesn’t know who he is
 Mind collapses when sees truth
 Kisses Gideon
 Back to old self
o Who’s captain?
• Gideon
o Has to obey Rip
o Spaniel, broad, tricycle
o Spectrum protocol - self destruct
o See her in Rip’s mind
o Guided Rip
o Remembers kiss
• Legion of Doom
o Eobard Thawne / Reverse-Flash
o Damien Darhk
o Malcolm Merlyn
• Justice Society of America
o Rex Tyler/Hourman -
o Obsidian -
o Commander Steel - Last piece of Spear with him
o Dr. Mid-Nite -
o Stargirl -


1. Emmy-Winner Michael Emerson Boards Arrow for S6 (Date: 22 July 2017)
a. Emmy Award-winner Michael Emerson has joined the cast of Arrow for the series’ sixth season, as revealed at a panel for the DC Comics-based series at Comic-Con International in San Diego. The Lost alum will board the series in a recurring capacity; he will play a member of a villainous cabal. Additionally, it was confirmed David Nykl (who plays Oliver Queen’s friend/mentor/nemesis, Anatoly Knyazev) will return to the series.
2. Arrow Showrunner Addresses Olicity In Season 6 (Date: 24 July 2017)
a. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim said during an interview at Comic Con International with Comicbook, “I’m going to give a very unsatisfying answer to the Olicity fans,which is that we sort of set Oliver and Felicity on a certain trajectory starting with 520, and you saw a little bit of it in 523. We’re continuing it. I will say that the events of the finale did throw a little bit of a wrench into their slow rekindling of their relationship.”
3. Spoiler Room: Scoop on Game of Thrones, Arrow, Westworld, and more (Date: 20 July 2017)
a. Do you have any scoop on the new villain (or villains) on Arrow next season? — Here’s a little teaser: “As usual, every season we want to try to up the stakes and do something different,” EP Wendy Mericle tells me. “This will be something we’ve never seen before. The villain will be hopefully as dynamic and as interesting as the ones we’ve had in the past. These people, or this person, won’t just be somebody that’s a thorn in Oliver’s side, but it’ll effect the whole team personally and very directly.” Could Cayden James and Helix be the culprits she speaks of? “You never know,” Mericle says. “They are still in the wind. We don’t like to leave those threads dangling.”
4. One Fan-Favorite Arrow Character Will Receive Flashbacks In Season 6 (Date: 26 July 2017)
a. Marc Guggenheim has revealed that a fan-favorite character will receive flashbacks for the very first time in Season 6. In an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con, Guggenheim had this to say about Season 6, “You're gonna still see flashbacks. It won't be every episode and it won't be serialized. They'll be character specific and I'll give you one example... as you saw in the trailer Manu Bennett is back for the season premiere and he's also coming back for a special two-part episode in the first half of the season where we're really going to be focusing hard on his character, post everything he's experienced on the show and we intend to do a Slade Wilson flashback story.”
5. ARROW Season 6 SDCC '17 Trailer Finds Oliver Queen In A Brand New Role (Date: 22 July 2017)
a. The Arrow season 6 trailer reveals that Slade made it off Lian Yu before Prometheus' trap could blast him to smithereens. But what about Diggle, Felicity and the rest of Team Arrow? There's was no sign of any of the regulars Arrow fans have come to know and love over the course of five seasons.
6. Arrow Showrunner Says Richard Dragon Will Be Grounded Crime Lord (Date: 25 July 2017)
a. Richard Dragon, one of the last major Green Arrow villains yet to appear on Arrow, is coming in season six -- and he will be different from the series' other big bads, according to series executive producer Marc Guggenheim. "You know, what I really like about our interpretation of Richard is, he’s very grounded," Guggenheim said. "He’s not a flamboyant big bad, he doesn’t wear a costume, he really is a crimelord sort of in the Tobias Church model. For Tobias we only really saw him for about five episodes, so we were excited about th prospect of doing a cool, gritty crime lord, but for a longer period of time. We’ve never really done that on the show before, so it’s different."

1. Legends of Tomorrow: Sara’s Season 3 Love Interest is a New Character (Date: 25 July 2017)
a. Love is in the air for Waverider captain Sara Lance. When the character returns in Legends of Tomorrow Season 3, she will find herself embroiled in a new romance. On Twitter, executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed that this romance will be with a new character. Guggenheim and fellow executive producer Phil Klemmer revealed that Sara will get a new love interest at Comic-Con International’s Legends of Tomorrow panel. “It’s definitely time for Sara to settle down, or at least have a relationship that’s more than a roll in the hay. It’s hard when you’re travelling through time,” Klemmer announced. “It’s definitely been a priority of ours to re-establish Sara’s bisexuality in Season 3,” Guggenheim added. “It’s a big, important thing for us this year.”
2. The Flash: Tom Felton not returning as series regular (Date 25 July 2017)
a. At the close of season 3, Julian was still a member of Team Flash, but with Barry now trapped in the Speed Force, and the show jumping ahead at least six months, it appears that Julian has left the team. The character was missing from the new season 4 footage in the recently released trailer, which was shown at Comic-Con, an event the Harry Potter alum also didn’t attend. As of yet, Felton has not booked a return to the show, but as with all actors in the Berlanti-verse, there’s a chance we could see Felton again if it makes sense for the story and his scheduling permits it.
3. THE FLASH Season 4 Casts The Thinker; Danny Trejo And More Join As Key DC Comics Characters (Date 23 July 2017)
a. Neil Sandilands (The 100) is set to take on the role of Clifford Devoe/The Thinker, a metahuman with a mega mind who embarks on a season-long battle with The Flash that pits the "fastest man alive" against the "fastest mind alive." Danny Trejo (Machete) is Breacher, a feared bounty hunter from Earth-19 and the imposing father of inter-dimensional bounty hunter Gypsy. His mission is to prevent any inter-dimensional traveller from threatening life on his planet — especially his daughter’s. Kim Engelbrecht (Dominion) is The Mechanic, a highly intelligent engineer who designs devices for Devoe. As Devoe’s right hand, she’s the truest of true believers who’ll stop at nothing to help him implement his plan to fix humanity.
4. The Flash Gets a New Suit in Season 4 Set Photo (Date 29 July 2017)
a. Set photos captured by show Gustin on set during July 28th, wearing what appears to be a new Flash suit. This comes after Gustin shared a photo of part of the suit on Instagram, and spoke about his desire for a new costume during an interview with at San Diego Comic-Con. Interestingly, the suit is appears to be almost identical to the suit worn by the 2024 version of Barry Allen, which was briefly seen in last season's 'The Once and Future Flash'.
5. SUPERGIRL Season 3 Trailer Released; Calista Flockhart Set To Recur & Four New Cast Additions Announced (Date 22 July 2017)
a. The CW has confirmed that Calista Flockhart will return for Supergirl season three and it sounds like she'll be popping in a lot more frequently this time around as she's secured recurring status. She'll first appear in the season premiere on October 9. Additionally, Adrian Pasdar, Carl Lumbly, Yael Grobglas, and Emma Tremblay have all joined the cast. Pasdar will play Morgan Edge, a ruthless real estate developer who will find himself at odds with Lena Luthor. Lumbly will play J'onn's father M'yrnn J'onzz, a pacifist religious leader on Mars. Grobglas will play Psi, a psychic villain who uses people's minds against them. Tremblay will play Ruby, a smart kid who's fascination with Supergirl lands her in serious trouble. The official season three trailer gives us our first look at Odette Annable as Reign and Erica Durance as Alura Zor-El.
6. LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Season 3 Trailer Released; Both Captain Cold & Damien Darhk Will Return (Date 22 July 2017)
a. The CW announced today that both Wentworth Miller and Neal McDonough will reprise their roles as Captain Cold and Damien Darhk, respectively, on the upcoming third season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Miller will actually return in a recurring capacity, but he won't exactly be the Leonard Snart we came to know and love in seasons one and two. He'll instead be playing a brand new version of fan-favorite character, which should lead to some interesting interactions between him and Mick. During the panel, executive producer Phil Klemmer teased, “Mick Rory needs his pal, but unfortunately he’s not going to get the version of his pal that he remembers.”

Meanwhile, McDonough will be upped to a series regular and will also come with his own, more dangerous, changes. "We’ll be meeting a new version of Damien Darhk, a little less silly, a little more formidable." Arthur Darvill will also be back as Rip Hunter, but in a recurring role, and it sounds like he'll be coming into conflict with his former teammates. “Last season, the Legends were the only game in town,” Klemmer said. “Now they’re competing with the best and brightest. Rip Hunter has reconstituted what the Time Masters were, so the existential question for the Legends is where do we fit into this universe?”

As for new additions, a new villain will arise in the form of Kuasa, Vixen's granddaughter. Tala Ashe will also join the Waverider crew as Zari Adrianna Tomaz, a Muslim-American woman from 2030.
7. Spoiler Room: Scoop on Supergirl, Once Upon a Time, Defenders, and more (Date 27 July 2017)
a. Is there any chance Alura is actually still alive on Supergirl? — With Erica Durance joining the show in a recast of Alura, EW pressed new showrunners Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner for answers at Comic-Con. “Shrouded in mystery, those questions,” Queller said coyly. Rovner added: “We wanted to keep Alura’s presence on the show because it really connects Kara to Krypton and her roots and what it meant to see her family and her planet destroyed. It’s an emotional grounding that’s always important.” However, there’s a good chance Mon-El ended up in the Phantom Zone — you know, the same Kryptonian prison that Alura had a hand in sending criminals to, so what if she escaped the destruction of Krypton and ended up there herself? Another dodge from the EPs: “Where Mon-El is and how he comes back is the central mystery of our season,” Queller said. “But the theme of this season is what does it mean to be human? Kara is going to be especially grappling with that, and all of the characters are. The loss of her family and Krypton impacts that a lot. The mother-daughter relationship is something we still want to explore in whatever fashion.”
8. THE FLASH Star Grant Gustin Says It's The Show's Goal To Adapt CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS (Date 25 July 2017)
a. Speaking to ComicBook at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, Grant Gustin confirmed that while it's still a long time from happening, it's been the goal to eventually adapt Crisis on Infinite Earths on the show . "We don't really talk about it on a yearly basis but it was mentioned early on and that's a goal. Obviously we'd have to go I think ten years to reach that, so there's a possibility for sure. It'll be fun to get there." The massive multiverse event saw the collapse of multiple parallel universes, along with the "death" of The Flash himself. The story has been hinted at since the pilot episode of the show, where the Reverse Flash views a newspaper headline from the future stating that The Flash has "vanished in a crisis". Showrunner Todd Helbing also spoke to CB about the upcoming season 4, which he promised will be "fun" again after the "doom and gloom" of season 3. "Last year, once we showed Iris die in the future, to keep up that doom and gloom, it becomes a burden, and not just on us writing-wise, on the show and it just sort of had this pall over the season that I think we didn’t expect to be so heavy;” there is “a conscious effort of ours to really go back to everybody enjoyed being on this team and with each other, and make The Flash have fun again.”
9. THE FLASH Is Reborn In The Official Comic-Con Trailer For The Upcoming Fourth Season (Date 22 July 2017)
a. For the first time since the series' inception, a new character is taking on the voiceover and she doesn't sound quite like her usual hopeful self as the months without Barry have taken a serious toll on her. The new trailer also teases new villains, including a very interesting looking Samurai and a few returning faces.
10. The Flash's Grant Gustin Says Speed Force Will Change Barry (Date 25 July 2017)
a. “We’re not necessarily going to see Barry’s experience in the Speed Force. We’ll see kind of the effects that the Speed Force has had on Barry, and he’s been in there six months real-time,” Gustin started. “I suspect the Speed Force is kind of nonlinear with time, so Barry has experienced his entire life from star to end infinity times over since he’s been in there. It’s almost like a fresh start for me as an actor.”
11. Legends of Tomorrow Announces Tracy Ifeachor as S3 Villain (Date 26 July 2017)
a. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will get mighty personal for Vixen in Season 3. During the show’s panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Kuasa — the sister of Mari McCabe’s Vixen — was announced as a villain for the upcoming season. Now, we can put a face to the name. Quantico star Tracy Ifeachor will play the character. Since Kuasa is Mari’s sister, that also makes her the granddaughter of Amaya, who is slated to be a main character in Legends Season 3. At SDCC, executive producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed that the two will cross paths at some point this season, saying, “We’re looking forward to the inevitable confrontation between Maisie [Richardson-Sellers]’s character and her granddaughter.”
12. The Flash Season 4 Set Photos Show New Female Villain (Date 29 July 2017)
a. recently shared pictures of The Flash's newest foe, who will reportedly appear the third episode of the season, entitled 'Luck Me a Lady.' In one set of photos, an actress is robbing a bank in a red dress, while other photos show the same actress running after a bus in a rather noteworthy casino outfit. Fans were quick to recognize the casino dealer outfit as that belonging to the DC Comics villain Becky Sharpe, a.k.a. Hazard. Hazard has appeared throughout the DC Comics mythos as a member of the Injustice Society, and was the granddaughter of the original Gambler. The antagonist is bestowed with psionic powers, which allow her to cause good or bad "accidents" to her foes.


1. Arrow: David Ramsey Says Diggle Will Lose Things In Season 6 (Date: 25 July 2017)
a. While at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, had a chance to sit down with Amell and Ramsey (and other Arrow cast members) to talk about the upcoming season, and according to Ramsey, the fallout of the Prometheus storyline will have major impact on Diggle - and not in a good way.

2. Candice Patton Is Hoping For A Wedding In The Flash Season 4 (Date: 25 July 2017)
a. The cast of the Flash spoke with about the new season during San Diego Comic-Con and were asked to tease some of the future developments with there characters. Check it out in the clip above!
3. Arrow Season 6 To Explore Black Siren's Backstory According To Katie Cassidy (Date: 29 July 2017)
a. Black Siren is the Earth 2 version of Laurel Lance, and as Cassidy revealed to's Russ Burlingame at San Diego Comic-Con, there will be more revealed about her history in the coming months.
4. Arrow's Emily Bett Rickards And Echo Kellum Explain Sexy Threats (Date: 28 July 2017)
a. During a Comic Con Interview with Arrow's leading lady Emily Bett Rickards, we were joined by series regular Echo Kellum, who brought out Rickards's playful side. Rather than trying to finish our interview with Rickards and pull one or both of them back on track, we went with the more entertaining option of egging them on, asking among other things: "Can you tell me more about 'sexy threats?'"


Link to Promo: (Date: 08 March 2017)

Episode: “Moonshot” [Season 2 Episode 14]
Air Date: Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Summary: The Legends learn where the last fragment of the Spear of Destiny is hidden when they track Commander Steel to NASA Headquarters in 1970.
Director: Kevin Mock
Writer: Grainne Godfree

IMDB link:

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