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Dec 22, 2018

Starling Tribune - Season 7 Edition – Elseworlds (A CW Network Arrow Television Show Fan Podcast) ST222


Episode:            “Elseworlds”

Part 1: Flash [Season 5 Episode 9]

Part 2: Arrow [Season 7 Episode 9]

Part 3: Supergirl [Season 4 Episode 9]

Air Date:           December 9 - 11, 2018


Director:           Part 1: Kevin Tancharoen


                        Part 2: James Bamford



                        Part 3: Jesse Warn



Writers: Part 1:

Developed by: Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns

Written by: Eric Wallace and Sam Chalsen


Part 2:

Developed by: Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg

Teleplay by: Marc Guggenheim

Story by: Caroline Dries


Part 3:

Developed by: Greg Berlanti, Ali Adler, and Andrew Kreisberg

Teleplay by: Derek Simon and Robert L. Rovner

Story by: Marc Guggenheim


Part 1 IMDB:

Part 2 IMDB:

Part 3 IMDB:




Current Episode Recap

Full recap of “Elseworlds” with spoilers:

Part 1: (09 Dec 2018)

Part 2: (10 Dec 2018)

Part 3: (11 Dec 2018)



Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 Inmate 4587 15-Oct-18 1.43

02 The Longbow Hunters 22-Oct-18 1.18

03 Crossing Lines 29-Oct-18 1.15

04 Level Two 5-Nov-18 1.08

05 The Demon 12-Nov-18 1.26

06 Due Process 19-Nov-18 1.03

07 The Slabside Redemption 26-Nov-18 1.31

08 Unmasked 3-Dec-18 1.35

09 Elseworlds Part 2 10-Dec-18 2.06


Legends Of Tomorrow


Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 The Virgin Gary 22-Oct-18 1.00

02 Witch Hunt 29-Oct-18 0.94

03 Dancing Queen 5-Nov-18 0.86

04 Wet Hot American Bummer 12-Nov-18 0.90

05 Tagumo Attacks 19-Nov-18 0.91

06 Tender Is The Nate 26-Nov-18 0.97

07 Hell No, Dolly! 3-Dec-18 0.93

08 Legends of To-Meow-Meow 10-Dec-18 1.10




Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 American Alien 14-Oct-18 1.52

02 Fallout 21-Oct-18 1.34

03 Man Of Steel 28-Oct-18 1.28

04 Ahimsa 4-Nov-18 1.23

05 Parasite Lost 11-Nov-18 1.16

06 Call To Action 18-Nov-18 1.13

07 Rather the Fallen Angel 25-Nov-18 1.15

08 Bunker Hill 2-Dec-18 1.26

09 Elseworlds Part 3 11-Dec-18 2.17


The Flash


Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 Nora 9-Oct-17 2.08

02 Blocked 16-Oct-18 1.69

03 The Death of Vibe 23-Oct-18 1.87

04 News Flash 30-Oct-18 1.75

05 All Doll’d Up 13-Nov-18 1.73

06 The Icicle Cometh 20-Nov-18 1.60

07 O Come, All Ye Thankful 27-Nov-18 1.79

08 What’s Past Is Prologue 4-Dec-18 1.78

09 Elseworlds Part 1 9-Dec-18 1.83





Episode # / Episode Title / Episode Air / Date  / Rating

01 The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies 9-Oct-18 1.16

02 The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues 16-Oct-18 1.02

03 The Book of Consequences: Chapter Three: Master Lowry 23-Oct-18 1.18

04 The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak 30-Oct-18 0.97

05 The Book Of Blood: Chapter One: Requiem 13-Nov-18 0.90

06 The Book Of Blood: Chapter Two: The Perdi 20-Nov-18 0.99

07 The Book Of Blood: Chapter Three: The Sange 27-Nov-18 1.06

08 The Book Of Rebellion: Chapter One: Exodus 4-Dec-18 0.96

09 The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Two: Gift of the Magi 11-Dec-18 1.13


Part 1: The Plot, Themes and Characters

  • What was the overall theme? What was the link to the episode’s name?
    • The Monitor, in preparation for a bigger threat, gives the Book of Destiny to Dr. John Deegan so heroes of other Earths can be tested. Reality is written for the purpose of this test.
  • Fight scenes and stunts
    • Ivo Labs - Amazo
      • “You have failed this city.” “Pretty sure that’s not your line”
      • Oliver’s lighting goes wild
      • Part 2: Amazo beats Killer Frost and Ralph; gets their powers
    • Diaz weapon cache
      • Barry - how do I put on this suit?
      • Barry - most awkward zipline arrow landing ever; thought he was going to fire an incendiary arrow
      • Barry fights like Oliver; shoots really well and is impressed by his actions
      • Oliver comes in and gets Barry and Diggle; Diggle vomits
    • Amazo fight
      • Flash, two Supers, and a Green Arrow - try to keep him busy; big Superman punch - doesn’t work; Amazo gets all of their powers
      • Amazo beats them; on the hunt for more powers; Wells - just turn the computer off
      • Barry - he won’t be able to run and phase at the same time; Oliver lures Amazo back
      • Cisco - we got a virus; Barry starting to sound like Oliver: Supergirl punch; two supers hold whild Oliver phases; Barry: “Amazo, you have failed this city.” Shoots arrow with virus and hits
    • Diggle vs. Deathstroke’s son
      • 4 Argus agents go down quick; Diggle about to be taken down
      • CW DC Trinity (Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl) help him
    • Gotham
      • Oliver - Gotham is basically dead
      • Muggers
      • Supergirl catches bullet; Barry takes down guys; Oliver has to talk Barry down; 3 get arrested
    • Arkham
      • Diggle, Cisco, and Caitlin show up
      • Kara’s idea: pretend Caitlin is a patient; Diggle and Oliver pretend to be investigating
      • Prisoners released by Deegan
      • Oliver dresses Barry in outfit
      • Killer Frost vs. Fries; Oliver messes up and releases Scarecrow’s fear toxin
        • Oliver “fights” Reverse-Flash
        • Barry “fights” Merlyn
        • Reality: they’re fighting each other
        • This is when Oliver realizes Barry’s had to go through some tough stuff too
        • Good editing
        • Batwoman breaks it up; great kick
      • Diggle takes on a lot of inmates
      • Oliver puts inmates back into cells
      • Some about to get away; Barry has arrows; Cisco gets hit by van - here comes Batwoman! Batarang comes back to her
      • Supergirl looks for book; gets it
    • Confrontation with Monitor
      • Mar Novu vs. Green Arrow, Supergirl, Flash and Flash
      • E90 Barry blipped away
      • Crisis is coming; testing universes; need to find champions; first to retrieve book; takes book; tells Deegan to think bigger
    • Trigger Twins
      • Oliver gets them away from cops
      • Deegan made himself Superman - black outfit
      • Superman vs. Trigger Twins; Oliver shoots crane loosen by Superman; they make Superman go save the kids
      • Barry - you just can’t write yourself as a hero; become heros in spite of circumstance
    • Star Labs
      • Superman, Criminal Cisco, Barry and Oliver arrive
      • Cisco vibes out
      • Oliver vs. Diggle and Killer Frost in elevator
      • Alex ready to take down Barry
    • Getting book to Clark
      • Superman vs. Superman
        • Real saves helicopter
        • Fight in air; buildings
        • Kara blasts Deegan away
      • Book in Time Vault; Supergirl not strong enough; gets book to Clark
      • Supergirl and all get powers back
      • Oliver as Green Arrow stands in elevator, took care of Diggle and Killer Frost
      • Deegan and Supergirl eye blast battle; Oliver ready to kill Deegan; Barry - you can overcome your darkness, Oliver; maybe test is for us to be our better selves
    • Slow down time
      • Barry and Kara run in opposite directions to create enough force to stop Earth; Superman - I saw them die in the book
      • Oliver - hope destiny can be rewritten; goes to Monitor; busts his way in; you said you were a god, so do something; your test is to find the good ones; I know true self, I’m full of darkness, Barry and Kara inspire hope and are the best of us; Monitor - balance must be maintained
      • Superman - out powers amplify who we really are
      • Deegan brings back Amazo
      • Brainiac, Lois, and Martian Manhunter; Brainiac goes after Amazo
      • Lois uses hammer to knock down Deegan; Deegan uses book as weapon against Lois and Clark
      • Time slows; Lois falling; Barry and Kara about to burn; Oliver arrives, walking normally, shoots special arrow at book; book destroyed; Deegan deformed
      • Brainiac rips out Amazo’s motherboard
  • Intros
    • Part 1: The Flash - regular intro
    • Part 2: Barry Allen does the intro; I’m working with the police after being in prison
    • Part 3: I’m Deegan from Gotham, city needs heros, did my part as doctor at Arkham, world didn’t understand methods, got book; now I’m Superman
  • Reality rewrite 1: Barry Allen is Oliver Queen and Oliver Queen is Barry Allen
  • Reality rewrite 2: Barry and Oliver are back to old bodies, but they’re criminals without powers; Superman is a God; Cisco is a crime boss
  • Oliver Queen / Green Arrow
    • Knows he’s Oliver Queen, but world thinks he’s Barry
    • Kiss from Iris - running joke: Iris always says Oliver is not her type
    • Has to get used to Flash’s powers
    • Blames Barry at first
    • What is going on? Could you be serious, Barry?
    • Iris - your life is ruled by anger and violence; Felicity’s been talking to her
    • To escape, has to learn how to phase
    • Puffs chest when meets Superman
    • Tries to train Barry. Where are the remote bows? Oliver catches arrow. 4 years - Barry gets revenge by remote arrows in his back. Thinks Barry’s life is all sunshine and rainbows. Oliver runs at Barry; Barry gets him
    • Lesson = painful memory; draw on darkness when draw bow; seeing Barry happy as Green Arrow made him jealous. Barry - when I’m happy, I run faster
    • Sketches what Cisco vibed and realizes they need to go to Gotham
    • Didn’t tell Felicity because of issues
    • Batman is an urban legend; Oliver Queen is a public figure, so Barry shouldn’t go to Gotham
    • Steals Gotham PD’s hard drive
    • Barry tells him to fix things with Felicity; we’re evolving, but I still love you and all that
    • When things get rough, Barry digs deep and runs faster; figures Kara is that way too
    • What deal did he make with the Monitor??????
    • Oliver - smiles; he admits to liking Kara
    • Oliver and Barry at bar: Oliver as Flash - always hungry and worn shoes, clarity in running; because of Barry, learn to be a better man; refuses to hug it out with Barry
    • Toast - “To appreciating what you have, however long you might have it”
    • Gets call from Batwoman - Deegan making friends with Psycho Pirate
  • Barry Allen / Flash
    • Fights Diggle; thinks it’s the Bunker at first; thinks it’s cool he’s the Green Arrow
    • Salmon ladder
    • Is this Freaky Friday or Quantum Leap? Gets serious when he learns Oliver woke up with Iris
    • We need to get to Kara; to escape, has to dislocate thumb; tells Iris personal stuff, lighting rod
    • Iris tells Barry that she doesn’t want him to turn into Oliver Queen
    • Hey, Oliver put on the mask, my identity isn’t public
    • Gets flown to Gotham by Kara
    • Tells Kara about Oliver’s sketchy romantic past; finds Bat-signal; big Batman fan
    • Being a criminal makes him physically sick
    • Go get Cisco, go get real Superman
    • Oliver - you’re CCPD, where do criminals hang out
    • Tells criminal Cisco he knew his brother; Oliver - how would you like to get rid of Superman? Teaches criminal Cisco how to breach
  • Kara Danvers / Supergirl
    • Earth-38; on Kent Farm with Clark
    • Recognizes Oliver and Barry
    • Goes to Earth-1 to help; meets Batwoman
    • Has a Bruce Wayne on her Earth
    • No Kara Danvers on Earth-1; perhaps pod didn’t land on Earth or Krypton is still around
    • Too afraid to be a woman? - to Deegan as Superman
    • Trapped in pipeline
      • Her personal plea goes to Alex; story from childhood; tells Alex that her Alex is a leader and knows who she is; Alex lets her out
  • Clark Kent / Superman
    • Writes about his own feats for his job
    • Lois - direct, fixes things; “You’ll catch me”
    • Helps with Amazo, then goes back to Earth-38
    • Goes back to Earth-1 to save Kara and stop “Superman”
    • Knows how to handle the book
    • Leaving with Lois to go to Argo, Lois in pregnant, proposes to Lois at the Fortress
    • World find with just Supergirl
    • Lois calls him Smallville and Kansas
  • Kate Kane / Batwoman
    • Bails out 3; do what you need to and get out of my city
    • Batman and Bruce Wayne missing 3 years; Wayne Enterprises is busted
    • One R&D guys still works there (Fox?) and wifi password is Alfred
    • Real estate firm
    • Flirts with Kara; realizes Kara is Supergirl
  • Team Flash
    • Don’t believe them; Iris drugs Oliver with Palmer nanities; both end up in pipeline; learn that cells have hidden toilets
    • Iris convinces team to believe Oliver and Barry
  • Team Arrow
    • Diggle - you know after everything I shouldn’t be surprised
  • Team Supergirl
    • Alex is Alex, even in rewrite
  • Geek Squad
    • Cisco
      • Figures out weather is weird
      • Vibes Monitor with Deegan
      • Goes to Earth-38 to get team and Superman; Lois joins
      • Can still vibe in rewrite 2
    • Felicity
      • Upset she’s the last to know about Oliver and Barry
      • Upset learns Iris figured things out quickly
      • Figures out there are quantum breaches
      • What’s love without trust and respect?
      • We need to build a quantum breach thing
    • Curtis
    • Caitlin
      • Gives Felicity pep talk about Oliver
      • Killer Frost tells Alex to get out more
  • Dr. Deegan
    • Monitor tells him to think big
    • Experimented on patients brains
    • Works at Arkham
    • When confronted, releases prisoners
    • As Superman
      • Home base is Star Labs
      • Diggle, Killer Frost, Alex Danvers are employees
      • Needs ego boosted constantly
  • Monitor
    • Addresses them when Cisco vibed
    • Talks to Oliver and Barry about their destiny; without powers, still outwit Superman
    • Reads Oliver like a ….book
    • Must know true self in order to win
  • Noteable Easter Eggs (not from an article)
    • Earth-90 Flash - Barry Allen - tells them about book; appears similar to comics; - played by John Wesley Shipp - sees Diggle and asks him where his ring is - Green Lantern???
    • Bratvas fighting Bertinelli’s in old Diaz weapon’s cache
    • “Save Me” played when go to Kent Farm; farm same as in Smallville, song is Smallville’s intro
    • Amazo - Ivo labs; Argus made to id meta-powers; nano-adaptive hybrid of Mirakuru serum; Ivo was in previous season of Arrow
    • “Man, it’s not even Tuesday” - said by Ralph; Flash usually airs on Tuesdays
    • Superman music when Clark opens shirt first time; Who are you? “A friend”
    • Red skies - associated with Crisis
    • Kara - on her Earth, Batman and Superman are “frenemies”
    • Arkham inmates: O. Cobblepot (Penguin), P. Isley (Poison Ivy), B. Karlo (Clayface), “What is blue and grey and red all over?”, E. Nigma (Riddler), M. Guggenheim (writer); Bane mask? Fries (cryostasis shut off, has to be cold),
    • Psycho Pirate - has big role with Anti-Monitor; worlds will live, worlds will die (   
    • World’s Finest - in comics, Batman and Superman
    • Diaz is a cop: “I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time” - Diaz to Oliver; similar to their confrontations
    • Superman’s black outfit; “Bizzaro” is heard during Superman/Superman fight
    • Gary! From Legends - bartender; fanboy as always; is he wearing his Time Bureau badge/pin? “Not heroes. Legends”
    • Jimmy Olsen - in rewrite, Superman’s worst pal; in reality, he’s his best pal
    • Slow down time by Earth’s orbit
    • Kara - So this is kind of becoming an annual thing, huh?
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths - teased since Flash S1


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This podcast was recorded on Thursday December 13th, 2018.


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